NBA Women Forum of the Nigerian Bar Association was set up to address matters of interest to Female Lawyers and the society. Click here to register.

This is the membership registration call for female lawyers who desire to be members of the NBA Women Forum. Membership is open to members of the NBA upon request and payment of annual membership dues for the year of application.


  1. Listing in the Directory of female lawyers in Nigeria.
  2. Access to platform for global reach.
  3. Mentoring opportunity/Mentor grooming .
  4. Gender support against discrimination,abuse and harassment.
  5. Network with a broad base/ diverse forum of Nigerian female lawyers within and outside the country.
  6. Huge opportunity for career growth.
  7. Unlimited legal information from forum Library/Research unit and much more.


Years 0-5 post call membership is FREE.

Years 6 and above post call, annual membership dues of N5000

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