I do not want to believe that Nigerian Lawyers actually use this phrase. Maybe because I am a Lawyer and I cringe each time I hear it. A social media user has complained.

Frankly, I am not in a position to affirm who is really at fault here. The phrase “bail on self-recognition” is becoming very popular .That is wrong. It should be “bail on self recognizance”

In many High profile cases where bail is granted on self recognizance, most media organisations have reported it to be that bail has been granted on self recognition and in many cases quoting the lawyers as saying that in their applications for bail.

Some Lawyers have blamed it on the press who lack the training to report the courtroom. Yes it could be, but many lawyers in updating their social media profiles on trials still use the word recognition . The bad news is this, using “recognition“ is gradually becoming acceptable. If that happens, it will further devalue the Legal profession  or perhaps, the Nigerian Press.

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