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George Etomi Quiz- Finals

Which organisation in Nigeria has the primary function of administration of Maritime Safety Seafarers Standards and Security, Maritime Labour, Shipping Regulation, Promotion of Commercial Shipping and Cobatage activities, Pollution Prevention and Control in the marine environment, to implement domesticated International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions.?

  1. Nigerian Ports Authority
  2. The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency
  3. Nigerian Shippers Council

George Etomi Prize Question 2

  1. The winding up of a company by the court shall be deemed to commence at the time the court delivers Judgement on the winding up petition

True or False?

2. The apex regulatory institution of the Nigerian capital market is

A. Securities and Exchange commission
B.Nigerian Stock Exchange
C. Corporate Affairs Commission.
D.Investment and Securities Tribunal

Abimbola Akeredolu SAN Prize: Final question

  1. A resolution shall be a special resolution when it has been passed by a simple majority of votes cast by such members of the company as,being entitled to do so,vote in person or by proxy at a general meeting.
    True or False

2.In a Criminal trial,a dumb witness was called to give evidence and he opted to put his evidence in writing in open court. Such evidence will be admitted as

A . Oral Evidence
B. Documentary Evidence
C.Affidavit Evidence

3. An action where an interested person claims a declaration is commenced by

A. Originating summons
B. Originating Motion
C. Writ of summons

Abimbola Akeredolu SAN Prize- Question 3

  1. Reduction of a Company’s Share Capital requires

A. An Ordinary resolution
B. A Special resolution
C. An Ordinary resolution and confirmation by the court.
D. A Special resolution and confirmation by the court.

2. In criminal proceedings,evidence of the fact that a defendant is of good character is

A. Not admissible
B. Is always admissible
C. Is admissible only when the character of the accused is a fact in issue.
D. Is admissible only when the defendant has given evidence of his character.

3. Letters of Administration in respect of the properties of deceased men of the armed forces are granted by

A. The Federal High Court.
B. The State High Court
C. Court Martial
D. The Miltary Wills and Testamentary Tribunal

Remember to answer like this 1E,2F,3E