Please note that the table below is for High Courts in Lagos State.

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1.Justice K.O Alogba
2.Justice T.A.O Oyekan AbdullahiLagos
3.Justice G.M OnyeaboIkeja
4.Justice O.A IpayeLagos
5.Justice S.B. A. Candide-JohnsonLagos
6.Justice I.O KasaliLagos
7.Justice A.M Nicol-ClayLagos
8.Justice M. OlokobaIkeja
9.Justice A.J CokerIkeja
10.Justice M.A . DadaIkeja
11.Justice I.B AdebiyiIkejaWill NOT sit from 14th to 18th of Feb 2022
12.Justice M.O ObadinaWill not sit on 16th and 17th of February 2022
13.Justice H.O OshodiIkeja
14.Justice J.E OyefesoEti-OsaWill NOT sit from 14th to 17th of Feb 2022
15.Justice Y.A AdesanyaLagos
16.Justice A.A OyebanjiLagos
17.Justice O.O PedroLagos
18.Justice L.A OkunnuLagos
19.Justice B.A Oke-LawalLagos
20.Justice O. A TaiwoIkeja
21.Justice S.A OnigbanjoIkeja
22.Justice S.O Nwaka-GbagiCourt of AppealNwaka JCA is in Court of Appeal now
23.Justice S.O OpesanwoLagos
24.Justice O.A Okikiolu-IghileLagos
25.Justice L.B Lawal AkapoIkeja
26.Justice O.A AkinladeLagos
27.Justice O.A DabiriIkeja
28.Justice K.A JoseLagos
29.Justice M.O EmeyaIkeja.
30.Justice I.O HarrisonLagos
31.Justice C.A BalogunLagos
32.Justice K.O DawoduEpe 1
33.Justice L.A.F OluyemiIkeja
34.Justice L.A.M FolamiIkeja
35.Justice O.O. FadipeIkeja
36.Justice M.A SavageIkeja
37.Justice O.A OgalaIkejaJustice O.A Ogala will NOT sit on 16th of Feb 2022
38.Justice G.A SafariLagos
39.Justice S.S OgunsanyaIkeja
40.Justice W. AnimahunEti-Osa 2
41.Justice I.O AkinkungbeIkorodu1
42.Justice S.I SonaikeLagos
43.Justice A.M LawalIkeja
44.Justice A. J BashuaIkeja
45.Justice A.A AkintoyeLagos
46.Justice O.O OgungbesanLagos
47.Justice O.A AdamsonBadagry1Will not sit from 14th to 17th of Feb 2022
48.Justice I.E AlakijaLagos
49.Justice E.O OgundareBadagry2
50.Justice S.O SoleboIkeja
51.Justice A.O SoladoyeIkeja
52.Justice O.O OgunjobiLagos
53.Justice Y.R PinheiroIkeja
54.Justice D.T OlatokunIkeja
55.Justice O.I OguntadeIkeja
56.Justice Y.G OshoalaIkeja
57.Justice O. Sule-AmzatLagos
58.Justice R.O OlukoluLagos
59.Justice S.A OlaitanEpe2
60.Justice E.O AshadeLagosWill NOT sit from Monday 14th to Friday 18th of Feb 2022
61Justice A.F PokanuIkorodu2
62Justice Rahman Oshodi

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  1. Another great initiative.
    May I suggest the information be displayed in tabular form:
    Name of Judge
    Court area
    Court No.
    Remarks etc
    Such will provide all the information at a glance.

  2. This great initiative is laudable as it would help lawyers plan their appearances and as well manage their time… Thanks a lot…

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