1. Signing supporting Affidavits for clients– Lawyers who sign the signature of clients; those who tell their clients to sit back in the office while they sign affidavit at the Commissioner for oath their just to prove that they have connection, should stop doing that. You guys are portraying a corrupt picture of the already battered Judiciary. Since the Federal High Court started insisting on seeing the deponent, did it kill anybody?

2. CAC instructions- Stop taking verbal Instructions from clients particularly in respect of post incorporation briefs in CAC e.g Change of Directors or increase in share capital. Fraudsters are taking advance fee fraud to the next level. Make sure you have evidence that someone actually briefed you to either add or remove or increase share capital. Make sure you met the person at least once.

3. Land Grabbers Law– Have you seen the Properties Protection Law of Lagos State popularly known as Land grabbers law in Lagos state? Have a look at section 9. If you are guilty stop doing it.

4. Website and Official Email– Since Covid-19, smart lawyers have prioritised their online and remote interaction. Every lawyer/ Law firm should have a website unless you are into a town union law practice. Stop using yahoo and Gmail as your official email. It doesn’t give a good impression (MP Networks builds websites for lawyers/ law firm. Reach out to them on whatsapp at +447587117644 for a discount until 30th of April)

5. Maintain a Law Firm Account: Stop receiving your fees with your personal bank account. It is not professionally decent. Receive it through your office corporate account. It is part of “packaging”. Don’t be deceived that you drive an SUV and you think you have “packaged”. Nooo

6. Stop hesitating from signing up with Round Lawyers on Courtroommail.com: Do you know that that more than 1800 Lawyers and Law Firms from about 20 African Countries are listed on Courtroom Mail Find a Lawyer (Round Lawyers). Do you know that with the amendment of the Notary Public Act, Notarisation can be done remotely? People from across the world visit  Courtroom Mail in search of a Notary Public. Sign up and get listed.

Do you know that when you sign up, you can join groups and communities with other African Lawyers and get your verified too when you request for it.

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