By Dr. Rapulu Nduka

We all desire a society we can be proud of. We either visit developed countries or watch their movies and we love what we see there. Yet it seems that we enjoy destroying ours. Only a sick man defecates on his bed. Only a foolish man enjoys pulling off the roof of his dwelling house just to be subject to the elements.

People who man our various institutions seem to enjoy the stimulation of an oppressive system simply because the system benefits them at the moment.
A look at our law enforcement agencies suggest that its officers enjoy the oppressive regime they operate. Why we still operate a system of arrest before investigation beats my imagination.

Confessions are still beaten out of suspects. Court orders are disobeyed with impunity. No one seems to give a hoot. The common man is at the receiving end. It seems we make rules/laws for the purposes of getting people to default and not because we want a better society.

The sad reality is that the creators of oppressive systems may be victims tomorrow. No one is immune to the effects of pollution. If everyone cleans his own portion, the entire area will be clean.