NBA Ota Branch a.k.a the Utter Bar has launched her website under the distinguished chairmanship of Mr. J. T. Ogunniyi Esq. The website was launched in order to ease the stress of lawyers and the public in identifying accredited legal practitioners that belong to the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Ota Branch. This launch has made NBA, Ota Branch the third NBA Branch out of 125 branches in the country with a model website that will cater for its teeming members.

The statement revealing this, which was signed by the Publicity Secretary of the Branch and made available to Courtroom Mail, reads in part:

Some distinctive features of the website are:
1. The website also functions as a ‘webapp’ that allows for data free navigation on her platform once it is opened. This feature helps to save the data of members and every other user.
2. The automatic update of the number of years of members. 
This feature enables members to easily track the number of years that they are at the Bar thereby enhancing the smooth processing of members’ Practicing Fee and local dues. 
3. The  search button is distinctive in that it brings up at a glance all the names of membersbearing a particular name in the directory. 
4. The website security structure is secured from end – to – end and ensures the privacy and data protection of all members and users of the website.

Other salient features of the website is the fact that you can get to know the history of NBA Ota Branch from inception till date and also obtain updates about the Bar  amongst other vital information.

It is worthy to state here that members of the Website committee that worked tirelessly with the NBA Ota Branch Chairman Mr. J. T. Ogunniyi Esq to see that the website is launched on time are:
1. Mr. ‘Wale Adegoke Esq. who is the Vice – Chairman of the Branch and the Chairman of the Website Committee;
2. Mr. Ayodeji Isiolaotan Esq. who is the Legal Adviser of the Branch and;
3. Mrs. Funmi Ajele who is the Welfare Secretary of the Branch.
The first phase of the website project was  launched on the 24th day of July, 2020, which was also the inauguration day of the new executives of the Bar.

The phase 2 of the Project design is ongoing and it will have remarkable features that will lead to the growth and smooth operation of the Branch. These features  include periodic updates on membership to accommodate new members and a verification portal that will help authenticate the status of legal practitioners and ease the identification fake legal practitioners.

Long live NBA!Long live NBA Ota – the Utter Bar!!Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Mrs. Chinelo U. Nonyelu – Olayanju Esq.
Publicity Secretary NBA Ota.