The Nigerian Bar Association is set to hold its National Elections come July this year. Different persons and groups have conducted online polls to test the online popularity of different candidates in the forthcoming elections.

The latest of such polls was conducted on Twitter on the 20th day of May 2020. A Nigerian Lawyer and Social critic with twitter handle @ike_obiora conducted an online twitter poll on his handle on who Nigerian Lawyers will want to be their next President come July 2020. The poll which lasted for seven (7) days (May 20-27 2020), on social media garnered a total of 2,388 votes. This is the highest number of total votes in all online polls conducted so far. In this last polls, Dr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN got 47% of the total votes in the poll and emerged the choice of Nigerian lawyers for the position of the President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Olu Akpata came a distant second with 38%, while Deacon Dele Adesina SAN and Adesina Ogunlana came third and fourth with 12% and 3% respectively.

The poll shows the trajectory of who most lawyers will likely vote for if the elections were to hold today. Going through the comment section of the poll, Dr. Ajibade SAN had the most comment in support of his candidacy. Within the past few months, Dr Ajibade SAN has demonstrated himself as the most popular and formidable candidate in the election. Will the outcome be replicated in the main elections, time will tell?

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