A paralysed, deaf and mute teenager in Brazil, allegedly attempted to rob a jewellery store, using a fake gun he aimed with his feet.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon, in Canela, Rio Grande Sul, according to the Daily Mail.
The 19-year-old initially placed a threatening note on the shop’s counter, using his feet, before he aimed a plastic gun at the store’s owner.
The note from the suspect said that he has cerebral palsy and is unable to move his hands, and read: “Hand over everything. Don’t raise attention.”

The incident was caught on CCTV and was shared to the public by the store owners.
The jewellery shop employee, seen in the video, said he had noticed the suspect had been in the store for around 10 minutes, before he handed over the note and brought out the fake gun.

He said a customer gave him money because he thought he was begging, “then he pulled the gun out with his feet. That pistol looked real”, he told Brazilian news outlet Metropoles.

The police then arrived and arrested the suspect, who was found in possession of a knife.

City delegate Vladimir Medeiros revealed that the suspect has been questioned and released from custody, but that the investigation was still ongoing.