The President of the Nigerian Bar Association(NBA) Mr Paul Usoro SAN has in his Independence day speech stated that politics must not be allowed to debase the temple of justice and the rule of law. He warned that the converse of rule of Law is anarchy and the judiciary and rule of law must remain sacrosanct.

He felicitated with President Buhari ,Nigerians and all tiers of government .He  thanked God for the unity of Nigeria which has been severely tested over the years .He pointed out that the unity of the country should not still be a work in progress after 58years of  independence and advised the leaders of Nigeria to reflect on it  on this occasion of independence day celebration.

Mr Usoro noted that  we have most times erroneously made excuses for our poor development using the arcane saying that Rome was not built in a day and further hid behind the argument  that   a country’s journey is different from that of an individual. Using Singapore as an example, he said that Nigeria do not have business being where it is presently.

He berated the leaders for failing to use Nigeria’s abundant resources to improve the lives of its citizens.

The President of the NBA commended the Nigerian Labour Congress for calling off its strike and encouraged stakeholders to remain on the table to iron out the differences.

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