In an attempt to bridge the knowledge gap in the emerging field of data protection in Nigeria, the Law Firm of Olumide Babalola LP (OBLP) has hosted a website at to provide information on all areas of data protection to Nigerians especially.

In the words of the Firm’s managing partner, Olumide Babalola, “a lot of young lawyers and data protection enthusiasts ask me, at intervals, on how they can start a career in data protection and where to get useful information on the subject, hence, the Data Protection Lawyer (DPL) will serve as a one-stop platform for all assortments of information on data protection in Nigeria particularly for beginners.”

First of all, the website is hosted on the .ng domain name to further pronounce its “Nigerianness” and then, it projects articles and papers written on the existing Nigerian data protection legislation (sector-specific and general).

A page is dedicated to the Data Protection Compliance Organizations (DPCOs) licensed under the extant Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) and another lists some pending cases on data protection in the Nigerian courts. Some inexhaustive information on certifications and trainings are provided alongside a couple of events billed to hold around the World for the benefit of Nigerians who may want to attend.

A peculiar feature of the website is its inclusivity which allows stakeholders to reach out to the publishers and have their relevant materials hosted on the site as far as it pertains to data protection in Nigeria within the context of information captured therein.

On the whole, as “dearth of information” continues to top the list of factors militating against the expected growth of data protection practice in Nigeria, the website represents OBLP’s tokenism of contribution to the development and expansion of the industry which is over 50 years old in Europe and other parts of World. Again, it is better late than never!