Legal practitioners must maintain the honour of the court, create a courteous atmosphere (decorum) in the court, and uphold the dignity of the legal profession.

A scenario where counsel walks out on or from the court due to ill health or whatsoever reason is certainly a rude and unprofessional conduct, unbecoming of a legal practitioner. In such a situation, counsel has the duty to apply for an adjournment of the case to enable him seek medical assistance.
Other scenarios are where a legal practitioner makes a complaint against any judicial officer, the same must be a serious offence done by the judicial officer and before the proper authorities; Speaks loudly in the courtroom especially when the proceedings are on-going; Appears in an indecent dressing before the court; Wears the bands or gown in any place other than the court premises; Indisposed to attend to a brief but does not obtain the permission of the court for an adjournment, especially in criminal cases; Does not attend all the adjournments; And performs his functions in such a manner that due to his acts, the honour, dignity, and integrity of the court is affected.

In Nigeria, Part D of the RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT FOR LEGAL PRACTITIONERS, 2007 regulates the relationship with the court. Rule 31(1) (2), & (3) state as follows:
“31. (1) A lawyer shall always treat the Court with respect, dignity, and honour.
(2) Where the lawyer has a proper ground for complaint against a judicial officer, he shall make his complaint to the appropriate authorities.
(3) A lawyer who fails to comply with any undertaking given by him either personally or on behalf of his client to a court is prima facie guilty of professional misconduct.”

The imperative for counsel’s apposite conduct to the court and in the court, cannot be overemphasized.

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