Since the National Executive Committee(NEC) meeting removed the embattled Chairman of Ikorodu branch,some fake news outlets and malicious lawyers who neither attended NEC meeting nor enquired about the circumstances leading to his removal have taken to the social media to discredit the President of the NBA.
The struggle many of them are experiencing trying to sell that information is evident in all their posts as the truth of the event keeps outshining their concortion of fabricated mendacity.

NEC removed Mr Akinlade at the meeting of 28th of March even when the President attempted to go against the motion of NEC when he called him to address NEC. That will continue to remain the truth as there was a thunderous support in favour of his removal.

As usual, naysayers are on the prowl again to attain cheap popularity and divert attention from the real issues.

There is a rumour that Akinlade has obtained an ex parte order from a probate court. Without going into the genuineness of the court order flying around on social media(,if indeed,he has gone to court,)i will say that it is good news if he has.

Lawyers exist as a result of disputes. If there are no dispute,the legal profession will not exist so the more disputes there are,the more the profession is likely to endure. Mr Akinlade if he has really gone to court is helping to distribute the wealth that will come with the legal fireworks.

These are the points some naysayers in a hurry to score a cheap point neglected to consider. It is not unusual if someone loses his or her sense of reasoning but it is worrisome when a lawyer makes a big deal about a court process.

A particular female lawyer known for bragging about her unconfirmed celibate stance(not as if it matters)who is bitter about not being appointed to the International Bar Association( IBA) by Mr Usoro has been dancing naked in the rain for too long. She has resumed her dance again celebrating an unconfirmed ex parte order as a victory against Paul Usoro who is not even a party to the purported case. I admire her tenacity in pursuit of vengeance. I do.
She has gone on social media again stripped totally ,celebrating a purported ex parte order and calling the President and his wife names.Why she always attacks the President’s wife who is a reputable maritime lawyer has been attributed to envy. The reason for that envy is what many lawyers are still trying to comprehend.

In her post,she called the President and his wife names as usual.
As usual,the calmness of the President has remained magical.
The way they have calmly behaved towards the aggression of this lawyer has attracted to them a lot of protégées.In fact, the whole aggression from this lady has turned to one of the best entertainment in Nigeria’s legal history. Lawyers are beginning to love her for her comic relief. Few weeks ago, a lawyer posted on social media asking of her whereabout and requesting anyone that knows her to tell her to release something so that lawyers can laugh out loud. Yesterday,she did and lawyers are having fun reading her post publicicly. I just hope the entertainment continues because i am enjoying it too.
In her post,she has accused the NBA President of removing the Ikorodu Chair and congratulting the lawyers who filed the suit in a probate court. That with due respect is a gross display of ignorance.
Some bloggers who are too lazy to find out what happened at NEC are soiling their reputation posting headlines purporting that the President of the NBA removed the Ikorodu Chair. It is nothing to worry about really because most lawyers understand why those blogs have chosen that part.

The NBA is going through an unprecedented time and at the same time it is going through an unprecedented reform.
How Paul Usoro finds the strength to keep up with his reforms in Africa’s biggest Bar amidst the storm is still amazing.
In less than a year after assuming the Presidency of the Nigerian Bar Association,he has made the voice of the association louder than it was.With regular releases commenting and stating the position of the NBA on events happening in the country,the voice of the Bar has again started resonating across the country.
There is no doubt that the Bar is changing in the right direction.

The NBA is now being run by a boardroom and Courtroom lawyer.The affairs of the Bar is now run the way it should be, like a business venture with timelines to deliverables that will improve both the personal and professional lives of lawyers.
There is no doubt that in effecting this kind of change, many people will deliberately place their toes on the way to be stepped on. That is expected.

Those advancing the fake news are deliberately and maliciously putting their toes on the way. Unfortunately,the wind of reforms will not stop on seeing their toes,it will definitely proceed.

The Bayo matter will come and go like any other thing that has a beginning but one thing remains constant; the bar will come out stronger .

Anthony Atata

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