In 2011 a new Tenancy Law was passed in Lagos which harmonised the relationship between landlords and Tenants in Lagos State.The Law is similar to the Tenancy Laws across the country.

In fact there are 25 THINGS Both Landlords and Tenants must know .Here we will deal with five that we regard as the most frequently asked questions and answer any other question you ask on the comment box. They are as follows:[restrict paid=”true”] 


No.The truth about the tenancy law is that,it did not say that you must write an agreement. In fact the law is there to take effect if you do not have any.  However, it is the practice to write Tenancy agreement to define your relationship with your landlord. In such a case, the law did not state that you must pay for it rather it says that it shall be the duty of any party who engages the services of a professional in respect of the tenancy agreement to pay fees for such Professional charges. So If your Landlord engages a Lawyer for the purpose of drafting an agreement,he should be the one to pay.If the tenant engages a lawyer,the tenant pays the lawyer.


This is the most frequently asked question. The law states that it is unlawful for a landlord or his agent to demand or receive from a sitting tenant rent in excess of six months from a monthly tenant and 1 year from a yearly tenant. You are a monthly tenant if you pay your rent monthly. You are a yearly tenant if you pay yearly.

  1. I know the Law says That I should not pay more than one year in advance,what if I have money and I offer to pay for more than a year?

The law says that you will be committing a crime if you offer to pay more than one year’s rent. It is unlawful for a new tenant or a sitting tenant to offer or pay rent in excess of one year in respect of any premises.

  1. Are there areas the law do not cover?

Yes. In Lagos, the tenancy law does not cover Apapa, Ikeja GRA, Ikoyi, Victoria Island

  1. Does my Landlord have the right to walk into my apartment for inspection?

The tenancy law provides that the Tenant shall permit the Landlord and his agents during the tenancy at all reasonable hours in the day time after previous written notice,to view the condition of the premises and to effect repairs in necessary parts of the building.

Note, the landlord must give you a written notice and you must agree with him on the date and time.

The Law says that it must be in daytime.

Below are the whole 25 questions every Landlord and Tenant should ask.If you want any answer for anyone of the questions  or any other question whatsoever on Landlord tenant case,kindly ask on the comment box below and we will be happy to answer you free of charge.We are waiting for your questions. Ask now or tell a friend to come here and ask.

  1. Does the tenancy law apply to all types of properties?
  2. Does it apply to all areas in Lagos?
  3. What if I don’t have a title to the property and my tenant is questioning it?
  4. Can my case with my Landlord or Tenant be resolved by any other means aside going to court?
  5. If I choose to go to court, which court do I go?
  6. What if my landlord does not give me an agreement?
  7. Can my landlord deny that I am his tenant?
  8. I am a sitting tenant; do I have to pay one year rent
  9.  I heard it is a crime for a sitting tenant to offer to pay more than 6months, Is it true?
  10. What if my landlord or agent demands a rent of more than a year if I am an incoming tenant?
  11. What if I choose to pay for more than a year?
  12. My Landlord did not give me a receipt
  13. I renovated the house when I moved in, now, my landlord wants me out.
  14. What are my rights as a tenant?
  15. What are my duties to my Landlord?
  16. My landlord said he has the right to enter my house. Is it true?
  17. Who pays land charges and tenement rates in a house?
  18. What are the rights of a Landlord?
  19. I occupy a business premises. What are my rights
  20. I pay service charge, what do I need to know?
  21. Must I pay Legal fees to my Landlord?-No but…
  22. My Landlord has just given me a notice to quit, How long am I entitled to?
  23. My tenancy is still on going. Can my landlord quit me?
  24. I heard there are circumstances I can be quitted from the house without notice. Is it true?-Yes, but…
  25. Is it true, I should stop paying rent as soon as I receive a quit notice? Ha ha ha not really

Ask any question above or any other whatsoever on tenancy below.We will answer you. [/restrict] 

6 thoughts on “Every tenant in Lagos must know these five things

  1. My landlord has not appeared since I paid and entered the house, we are the first people in that house, so many things needs replacement which he promised to replace, since then we have neither seen him nor the care taker, what do we do.

  2. Is it lawful for a yearly tenant , owing the rent for 8months , owing utilities including security fees when a quit notice was served on him he refused to take it. Also fund of sneaking in the wee hours and sneak out very early in the morning to avoid being seen.The Gate to the compound was locked after every body had entered one day, so that he can be seen in the morning. But surprisingly he broke up the padlock with cutlass and went to the police station human rights section to make a report that the gate was lock on him.

  3. Hello Oga,It is unfortunate that you have an “abscondee” Landlord.If you can reach him on the phone,call him and ask him for his email address then do a letter in that regards.If you know where he lives,send him a formal letter.This will put it on record that you complained.He will definitely come back for his rent.When he comes you can remove whatever cost you incurred from his rent.Take pictures of all the things you complained of and keep.Feel free to ask any further question.

  4. Hello Extreme,Its a pity you have that kind of Tenant.However,there is still hope.We advise you engage a Lawyer.There is a legal way to deal with such evasive tenant.You can take the notice to the police station any time you meet there and serve him.Feel free to ask any further question.

  5. I sincerely appreciate your response and I have just done as suggested in essence the quit notice had now been served on him. Now sir I want to disconnect him from the use of facilities in the house since he had not pay for any (for example , light, water and blocking his apartment toilet facilities) because he doesn’t pay and should not enjoy these essential even during the running period of quit notice

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