Most times when we secure a new job, we are more interested in the pay Cheque. We become too excited to read in between lines until we fall out with the employer and our job is on the line, then we dust our employment contract and begin to have a second look.

The right time to get a lawyer have a look at your employment letter/contract is the time you are due to have it. Yes when you are “due” to have it. Many employers will not give you a letter or contract until you have started work and by the time you receive the contract, the time you have put in will be interpreted as affirming the terms of the contract. That wouldn’t be good if you discover that the terms are not favourable after you have worked for two months. Make sure you receive your contract before you start work and make sure a Labour and employment Lawyer sees it.

Labour and Employment lawyers are sometimes interchangeably called industrial lawyers. They are lawyers whose areas of practice cut across legal services to employers, employees and trade Unions.

As Lawyers to employees, they advise on the terms of contracts of employment, the rights, duties and obligations incidental to those contracts. They review employment contracts, advice clients about their employment rights while recommending legal action, mediate between employees and employers, and represent clients in court against employers .

They advise on Workers’ compensation, Termination of employment, Sexual harassment, Workplace safety, Wage and overtime standards, leave, retirement plans and Privacy rights.

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Discrimination against employees based on age, ancestry, color, creed, disability, marital status, medical conditions, national origin, race, religion and sex.

For trade unions they help in negotiating collective bargain agreements and advice on membership issues.

As Lawyers to employers, they advise on employers in creating workplace policies and procedures that are in compliance with the laws.

As events in the world are leading to the decrease in human contacts, more and more people are finding solutions online. You can find employment lawyers online through the various websites owned by Law firms.

For a more personal interaction, Courtroom Mail has made available a huge resource online where clients can have a direct link with lawyers who are experts in different fields. You can visit Courtroom Mail to find Labour and employment Lawyers to advice you.

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  1. Wow, I had no idea that there are lawyers who specialize in workplace-related issues, such as discrimination regarding race or any harassment. One of my friends told me that she was getting harassed by her boss, and she’s looking for a way out of her situation. Hopefully, she’d be able to find an attorney who can help her regarding this case.

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