Dear colleagues,

In a few weeks, we will have a choice to make. A choice that will define us as lawyers and our profession, at least, for the coming years. A choice so simple yet powerful enough to define how we practice. This choice will not be about contestants but about our collective well being.

As a lawyer who has been around for more than 30 (thirty) years, I have seen our association go through thick and thin. Thanks to our leaders, we have come a long way. But our gains could have been more. What we celebrate today are far less than than the achievements befitting our noble profession and what society requires of us. 

We do not seem to be addressing the real issues putting us at risk irrespective of where we live. The judiciary is under attack; our law enforcement agents no longer respect us; we are being harassed and bruised by them; lawyers are becoming targets for kidnapping; government disobeys Court orders; many young lawyers I speak to say they work in fear. The soul of our profession is under attack.

Our achievement as the Nigerian Bar Association should be about how we have managed to improve the profession and the lot of the average lawyer out there.

This is why your choice in the coming election is important. We have the intellect to tackle this issues head-on. All we need is courageous and purposeful leadership that will unite us. One that puts the profession and members welfare and safety first, and does what is right.

I have developed an action plan to guide us through the process. It is going to be tough and demanding. But it is a sacrifice that this present time demands us to make. 

Let us reposition our profession together. Choose Babatunde Ajibade as your next president of the Nigerian Bar Association. You can hold me to every word I have just told you.

Finally, remember that verification ends in 2 (two) days. Visit the NBA Membership Portal today and complete your verification so that you can stand a chance to make the right choice.

Let’s do better.

Dr. Babatunde Ajibade, SAN, FCIArb