The Nigerian Bar Association’s Technical Committee on Conference Planning( TCCP) has resolved to conduct the 2020 annual General conference virtually. The conference was originally slated to take place in Portharcourt.

At TCCP’s virtual meeting today, members unanimously supported the NBA’s President’s decision to hold a virtual AGC this year. The President addressed the meeting and encouraged the TCCP to make it the best conference under the circumstances and to develop content and structure that will attract a large number of participants. A branch chairman who is a TCCP member said that if the AGC were to be cancelled, posterity will demand answers as to why they did not take advantage of the existing technology to host the AGC.

14 thoughts on “Breaking News: NBA 2020 AGC to hold virtually

  1. I always thought this was possible . Quite impressed with this regime’s bold and unprecedented steps. I look forward to this unique experience .
    It would be a privilege to be part of and watch the making of this novel NBA event .

    Wish you well , NBA President , Paul Usoro, SAN and the team.

  2. This is a novel but necessary development.
    NBA should deploy cutting edge virtual conference technology in a bid to deliver an applaudable confab under the present difficult circumstances.
    Let’s join hands and make lemonade out of our lemons!

  3. It is very impressive for resolving to conduct this year’s AGC virtually. This is a strong signal to the whole world that the Bar is the only learned and noblesse profession in the planet. It is our hope that we should continue to work assiduously the bedrock of our success. With the technology nothing will be impossible.

  4. The idea and conception is ingenious. Kudos to the President who partnered with the TCCP to midwife this trajectory.

  5. Holding the 2020 NBA AGC virtually is a very welcome development. It is cost effective and would attract larger participation and viewership. I salute the courage of our able and dynamic President and the entire exco for this novel initiative. We must all be prepared to embrace the new normal

  6. This is simply a WHAO for PUSAN, TCCP and the exco. Indeed lockdown has provided an opportunity to tap into cutting edge technology that will forever define how NBA is run. There will be more participants. I can’t wait for this AGC of the decade with a difference. Congratulations.

  7. This is the best decision the NBA can make under the circumstances. After the 2020 AGC, (hoping and believing the 2020 AGC will be a grand success) the NBA will never be the same. We are moving higher and higher.

  8. This is to explain the relevance of the open and distance learning ODL, as such the council for legal education CLE should as a matter of urgency admit NOUN law graduate into law school as such graduates are already conversant with e-practice.

  9. This is a great development that will move the profession forward. Further this will make the legal profession a pace setter in this regard. I also hope that we push for the legal framework to make the courts conduct virtual sitting at all levels.

  10. This is a highly commendable decision.
    The TCCP now needs to think through the details for the virtual meeting.

  11. I hope this means the conference will be free. I support the idea of virtual conferencing (not like we have a choice), but this must be reflected in the area of cost of participation.

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