At TCCP’s virtual meeting today, members unanimously supported the NBA’s President’s decision to hold a virtual AGC this year.

The President addressed the meeting and encouraged the TCCP to make it the best conference under the circumstances and to develop content and structure that will attract a large number of participants. A branch chairman who is a TCCP member said that if the AGC were to be cancelled, posterity will demand answers as to why they did not take advantage of the existing technology to host the AGC.

Details later.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: NBA 2020 AGC to hold virtually

  1. The idea of virtual AGC should not even be dreamt of, because all indices for virtual AGC are not present in Nigeria, this indices are too many to wit : ict technical know how, monitor, financial buoyancy of some lawyers and chambers poor remuneration of young lawyers availability of electricity etc

  2. Young lawyers,
    This is a challenge and innovation controlling the world. Work hard. All that glitters are not gold. The Presidio has given the TCCP mandate to make it work. You on your part, work hard to participate.

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