Buruji Kashumu

The Senator representing Ogun East Senatorial District, Buruji Kashamu, has said that initiating any extradition proceedings against him over drug dealing allegations in the United States would amount to illegality. He submitted that such action would be prima facie wrong and illegal since two different courts within and outside Nigeria have absolved him of any wrongdoing and no authorities have appealed against the rulings of the courts. According to him, such cases had been dismissed by two United Kingdom courts and a Federal High Court sitting in Nigeria, which made the UK government to pay him damages. Kashamu The Senator, who was speaking in response to the recent United State appeal court’s ruling which threw out his extradition appeal, said all that is happening is a farce with no legal basis. Kashamu said allegations of illicit drug dealing in the US against him were baseless since he was never a fugitive and never visited the US, let alone dealing with issue of drugs. “But what we are saying is that they cannot bring another extradition issue against me, because the ones they brought to London were dismissed; the one in Nigeria was dismissed, he said. He called on the Federal Government, which he said believes in the rule of law, not to be persuaded to initiate any extradition process against him, which he said would amount to abduction. He also urged the government to defend the country’s territorial integrity, adding it would be wrong for British investigators to come to Nigeria to conduct investigations, or take witnesses abroad to testify.




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