29th February, 2020
Dear Esteemed Colleague/ Bar Leader,         

Goodbye February…Welcome March!

Just yesterday – we said goodbye to 2019.
We welcomed 2020 with great hope and expectation, and the early days seemed to drag. Now, like a puff, two months gone and a third round the bend of midnight.

And the word on every lip is ‘Corona…’. Not the drink, the virus! It has arrived our shores and the reality is upon us. The price of face-masks and disposable gloves has gone up, and we are all at risk. Social media is a-buzz with warnings and safety measures, and every household is at full alert. Take heart, we have survived worse…so this too shall pass!
I’m far from home – in an old but well maintained Mercedes 180 heading back to Kano from the MULAN NEC Meeting in Dutse, humming quietly to myself and penning down my thoughts.
The last few months have been a blur – a frenzy of trips and calls and goodwill messages. Of meetings and consultations, felicitations and solicitations. And much fervent prayer – that it will all come together somehow, and make meaning – in the end.
As February rolls away and March peeps in, the contest heats up and pace picks up. Now we are all crisscrossing the country, pumping fists and giving speeches – making promises and calling-in favours. The race for the soul of the Bar Association is on, and the gladiators are jockeying for position.
And you? Have you paid your bar practice fees and branch dues? You must secure a ringside seat in the forthcoming epic battle. Study the combatants, know their motives and moves, and pick your champion.
Welcome to March!
Warm regards,
Alex N. Muoka
Former Chairman, NBA Lagos Branch (2013-2015)
Former Secretary, NBA Lagos Branch (2011-2013)