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Lawyers in Nairobi protest against disregard of Court orders with Yellow Ribbons

In light of recent incidents of disregard for court orders and constitutional provisions by State Officers, Law Society Kenya, Nairobi Branch participated in the #YellowRibbonCampaign organised by the Society allover the country. The Campaign is meant to highlight the significance of rule of law to justice. Respect for and obedience of court orders is paramount to the Rule of Law. Yellow ribbons were distributed at Milimani Law Courts.

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‘My printer broke’: Barrister escapes suspension after PC blunder

A barrister who appeared for a client in court despite not holding a practising certificate has avoided suspension after a disciplinary tribunal accepted her arguments that IT troubles prevented her from applying to renew it on time.

Philippa Page was fined £1,000 after admitting to two charges of professional misconduct for exercising rights of audience at Wood Green and Woolwich Crown Court when not entitled to do so. The offences took place over 2 and 3 May last year.

Page said she had attempted to fill out the relevant form and pay the renewal fee over the May Bank Holiday weekend but ‘found this impossible.’

She then telephoned the Bar Standards Board (BSB), which advised her to download a form, fill it out and return it. However, referring to an email she had sent the BSB during the course of the investigation, she told a disciplinary tribunal: ‘I was unable to fill it out electronically on my iPad, undoubtedly due to my own incompetence and, as my printer had broken down, I could not print the form out at home.’

Page said that, as she had already accepted work for 2 May, she did not feel she could return it with such little notice. She eventually completed the form on 4 May.

Her email added: ‘I cannot explain why I subsequently failed to deal with my practising certificate on 3 May, I have no recollection of what happened on that day’. She admitted a ’tendency to let less important matters slip’.

The Bar Tribunals and Adjudication Service heard that Page had previously admitted practising without a valid practising certificate, between 1 and 8 May 2015.

Despite the tribunal noting that a suspension is the normal starting penalty for ‘repeated failures to meet practising requirements’, it said there were mitigating factors and Page had shown genuine remorse.

A lawyer Nduka Enweliku seeks the breakup of Dangote Cement into separate entities

In a letter addressed to the Director General, Securities and Exchange Commission titled:  Request to Exercise your Powers to Break up Dangote Cement Plc into Separate Entities pursuant to Section 128 of the Investment and Securities Act, 2007 signed by Nduka Enweliku on behalf of Stanford Legal, Continue reading A lawyer Nduka Enweliku seeks the breakup of Dangote Cement into separate entities

Solicitor fined £5k for sending ‘disturbing’ internal emails

An in-house lawyer who sent a string of offensive emails to a colleague has been fined £5,000 at the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Robert Michael Ashurst admitting sending messages that were described as sexist, racist and homophobic. Ashurst began working as a solicitor for the General Medical Council in 2014, and struck up a friendship with one colleague in particular. Continue reading Solicitor fined £5k for sending ‘disturbing’ internal emails

Neighbours are fed up with ‘crazy’ lawyer’s nonstop screaming

A Brooklyn judge has ordered a divorce lawyer into a padded room.

The jurist ruled that the loudmouth lawyer has been terrorizing her neighbors at her ritzy condo building so much — blasting classical music and shrieking things such as “Obama is a murderer!” and “Rape!” around the clock — that her pad has to be soundproofed. Continue reading Neighbours are fed up with ‘crazy’ lawyer’s nonstop screaming