Human rights lawyers are the most searched Lawyers on the Find a Lawyer directory of Courtroommail. com, Africa’s most interactive listing of lawyers.

Since the inception of the directory, Human Rights Lawyers, Intellectual Property Lawyers, Entertainment lawyers, family lawyers and litigation lawyers have been the most searched at different times.

Courtroom Mail discovered that criminal law lawyers could be the most popular search because many people who search for Human Rights are actually people who have criminal cases or whose relations have criminal cases. The rise in the search for Human Rights lawyers  courtroom Mail states is that many people believe that human rights lawyers handle cases pro bono(free of charge) so instead of searching for Criminal law lawyers, many of them opt to search for Human Rights Lawyers.

Courtroom Mail observed that some visitors to the site who search for Human Rights Lawyers are those  who feel vulnerable when they have legal issues that border on family or other civil matters including high volume commercial transactions.

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This can be deduced from emails received by Courtroom Mail where users request to be introduced to human rights lawyers in cases involving Landlord/Tenant, Employer/Employee, husband/wife, Banker/customer relationship, sale of goods etc

C M noticed that even people who are well to do are more likely to search for a human rights lawyer when they have issues with their banks in transactions that are as much as five million naira instead of looking for the lawyer with the appropriate area of competence.

Courtroom Mail also observed that many people do not honestly  know the area of competence they should search for when they have legal needs especially in the areas mentioned above (Landlord/Tenant, Employer/Employee, husband/wife, Banker/customer relationship.) so they opt to search for human rights lawyers.

Another group of lawyers who have enjoyed that generic bias from the public are litigation lawyers. Visitors to the Courtroom Mail Find a Lawyer directory are more likely to search for a litigation lawyer to help them sort out almost all forms of legal needs they have.

Courtroom Mail directory has provided a platform for lawyers across Africa and Clients in and out of Africa to meet in one place. Lawyers from Nigeria , Kenya and Uganda have embraced the directory which is gradually gaining wide acceptance across Africa as an online meeting point.

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