The Law Society in the UK is working on an international research project into support mechanisms/organisations for women lawyers.

The project is striving to address one of the main issues faced by women lawyers globally, which is the lack of support mechanisms and/or organisations available to them within the legal sector. This research builds on previous international research carried out by the Law Society. Please follow the link for the report on this.

The aim is the publication of a toolkit to help those who want to set up new organisations or develop existing ones. So we are looking at the varying options for support (eg: law/bar society womens’ divisions, networking groups, federations, local and online groups etc). The toolkit will set out steps on how to access and build on existing models of support , as well as how to establish these new types of groups. It may also look at different business models which might suit women better at stages in their career.

The Law society is currently doing desk based research across 40 Countries. The questionnaire below is due back by 30th November 2019.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to answer. All responses are confidential and we are looking for people to share as widely as possible:

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  1. I worked with Nigerian institute for advanced legal studies for two years I was never paid a penny because am a man was my boss…and a lot of ladies are still going through the pain…and one day I was handed a letter to stop coming to work

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