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FCMB  a leading bank in Nigeria has thrown their weight in support of the biggest sporting event among lawyers in Nigeria- Lawyers Table Tennis Open(MFON USORO CUP)

The finals will hold at the National stadium by 10am with lawyers coming from different parts of the world to participate.

Lawyers’ Table Tennis Open (MFON USORO CUP) founded in 2009 is one of the sporting events making up Lawyers Games. The idea was inspired by a vision to promote the culture of leisure and healthy living among lawyers and a mission to use sports to create a platform upon which the vision would be realized. The Naming right is held by a well-known Nigerian Lawyer Mfon Usoro who till date sponsors the annual event which is the biggest sporting event among lawyers in Nigeria. On the 17th of October 2009, the first official final of the tournament was held at the National Stadium in Lagos. The title of the tournament is named after her “LAWYERS’ TABLE TENNIS OPEN, MFON USORO CUP”. Till date, she is the single highest sponsor of the event.

The event conforms to international standards. This is made possible by the synergy which has been formed between the organizers of the event and the Nigerian Table Tennis Federation. The event is officiated by the umpires of Nigerian Table Tennis Federation and world class coaches are also integrated into the Tournament. It has also enjoyed the sponsorship of multinational companies. See

Today, lawyers in practice and the corporate world across Nigeria participate in this yearly tournament which comes with lots of prizes which in the past eight years have cut across, cash, books and return tickets to IBA Conferences.

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