Today, our youths are speaking. They have defied rain, sunshine and unfavourable conditions to send a message – #EnoughIsEnough.

I support the movement for the reform of the Nigerian Police. This reform is long overdue. Sadly, this reform, if it is followed through this time, is only coming after significant loss of lives. This is sad and unfortunate.

However, I hope that our youths and leaders realise that this is just a symptom of a larger problem of bad governance. Even the police are victims, if we put things in proper perspective. What are the conditions under which officers of the Nigerian Police operate? What proportion of our national budget is devoted to the police and how judicious is the allocation and disbursement of that which is allocated?

The larger and more important lesson that our “leaders” must take away from this is that bad leadership can only be tolerated for so long. For the followership, we must learn that it is time to take responsibility and come together and have our voices heard if we want to move forward.

These events must awaken our collective resolve to change the narrative of poor governance in Nigeria.

Building a strong and united nation where peace and security of all citizens is guaranteed is our collective responsibility.


Dr Babatunde Ajibade,SAN