Family and Divorce Lawyers have remained in the top list of most searched Lawyers on with “Divorce Lawyers in Nigeria” being the most prominent key word searched.

Courtroom Mail has received more queries on family law and Divorce than any other area of practice.

Technology Lawyers, Criminal Law Lawyers, Trade Mark lawyers and Human Rights Lawyers are also top on search.

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Courtroom Mail has amended the field on Trade Mark to indicate that Trade Mark Lawyers are the same as Intellectual Property Lawyers because most lay people specifically search for Trade Mark Lawyers instead of Intellectual Property Lawyers. Courtroom Mail included Trade Mark Law as an independent field from Intellectual Property Law to be able to redirect visitors to intellectual property law as many people search more for Trade Mark Lawyers rather than intellectual Property Lawyers.

Understanding Family Lawyers, what they do and where to find them

Criminal Lawyers are also on the top search as more and more people go online to search for Lawyers to get their relations out of trouble. Courtroom Mail believes that those who search for Criminal Law Lawyers search for Human Rights Lawyers for the same reason.

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