By Olusegun Peter

In a letter dated the 19th day of May, 2020, a financial member of the Ikeja Bar has petitioned the Ikeja Branch Electoral Committee. This petition was addressed to the NBA President, Paul Usoro,SAN over the suspicious and questionable composition of the Ikeja Branch Electoral Committee.

You will recall that the Chairman of the Ikeja Branch at a Branch Meeting held via Zoom on the 14th of May, 2020, constituted the Electoral Committee to superintend the conduct of the 2020 Elections of the Branch.

The Petitioner informed the NBA President of the Composition of the said Electoral Committee as follows:
Mr. Olatunde Adejuyigbe,SAN (Chairman)
Dr. Gbenga Akingbeyin
Mr. Rotimi Seriki
Mr. Chibuzo Aguocha
Ms. Mary Eluwa (Secretary)

It was recalled that after the Branch Chairman announced the above names as the Electoral Committee members, a prominent member of the Branch, Mr. Bartholomew Aguegbodo raised an objection to the Membership of Mr. Chibuzo Aguocha on the basis that Mr. Agwuocha is a known campaigner for Mr. Akeem Aponmade, a candidate for the position of Chairman in the forthcoming election.

It was said that the Chairman ignored the objection of Mr. Bartholomew. The petitioner however said that he believes the objection is too weighty to be left hanging while Mr. Aguocha continues his membership of the Electoral Committee unchallenged.

The Petitioner however stated in his petition that he can confirm that the said Mr. Aguocha is a member of a caucus group known as the G6 within the NBA, Ikeja Branch and he chaired the committee constituted by the group to conduct the “Primary Election” where Mr. Aponmade emerged as the candidate of the said group.

Interestingly, the Petitioner also questioned the membership of the secretary of the Electoral Committee, Ms. Mary Eluwa for being a very known member of the G6 which the aforementioned trio belongs to and regularly attends the caucus meeting. According to the petitioner, he said “I also have it on good authority, that the lady who was initially penciled for the slot which Ms. Eluwa eventually occupied as Secretary of the Electoral Committee was dropped after the said lady was contacted by a group of interests within the branch who failed in their bid to secure her assurances in respect of compromising the elections”
Consequently, the Petitioner beseeched the NBA President, Paul Usoro,SAN to prevail on the Ikeja Bar Chairman whom he says is well aware of the facts earlier mentioned to immediately reverse the appointments of Mr. Agwuocha and Ms. Mary Eluwa who are known supporters of a particular candidate. He also enjoined the duo to rescue themselves as a matter of honour from the Electoral Committee.

The said petition has however been received and acknowledged on behalf of the NBA President.