The Supreme Court of Nigeria in a five man panel headed by Justice Olubolade Joe in a unanimous judgement finally put to rest as it Barred state governors from having the power to sack elected local government chairmen and councilors henchforth. Other areas of the ruling that took place 11th Dec 2019 includes:

1. No state Governor will henchforth have the powers to sack dully elected local government chairmen and the appointment of caretaker chairmen is also barred .

2. The Act giving legislative powers to state Assembly members to undergo a process by sacking elected local government chairmen is NULL and VOID .

3. That a copy of the judgement should be served to all 36 state Houses of Assembly and the Minister of FCT on or before the 30th December 2019.

This judgement is sequel to an appeal filed by the 16 Ekiti state LGA chairmen who were elected during Gov Fayose Ayodele’s tenure and were sacked by the incumbent Governor Fayemi of Ekiti state.

Justice Olubolade Joe five man panel of the Supreme Court finally buried the powers of state Assemblies and governors from sacking dully elected Local Government chairmen .

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