Each year the International Bar Association (IBA), the world’s largest international organisation of law societies, bar associations and individual lawyers engaged in transnational law, holds an Annual Conference, which attracts the participation of some 6000 lawyers from more than 100 jurisdictions. The IBA’s Legal Practice Division (LPD), Section of Public and Professional Interest Division (SPPI) and Other Entities present informative and engaging sessions covering current topics of significance to lawyers throughout the world.

The Annual Conference working sessions are complemented by a full social programme which provides the opportunity for delegates to meet, establish and maintain business contacts and friendships with peers of the legal profession worldwide.

Scholarships are awarded to young lawyers who wish to participate at the Annual Conference, but may find it financially difficult to do so.

The Annual Conference Scholarship award includes the following:

  1. waived registration for the IBA Annual Conference;
  2. accommodation while attending the conference;
  3. contribution towards travel costs to attend the conference;
  4. two years’ free membership of the IBA; and
  5. a waiver of either the following years’ IBA Annual Conference registration fee or a waived registration fee to attend a speciality conference organised by the IBA.

These Scholarship opportunities are available to those who meet the following criteria:

Young Lawyer’ is defined as any lawyer up to and including the age of 35 at the time of the Conference.

Applicants must either be:

  1. a fully qualified lawyer who is licensed/registered to practice as a lawyer with the relevant professional regulatory body; or undertaking the qualification process (education and/or vocational) to pass the bar (or the equivalent qualification in the relevant jurisdiction) to become fully qualified, providing they hold a temporary or permanent licence to practice as a trainee, or are undertaking a training scheme that is recognised by the professional regulatory body.

IBA membership is not a requirement to submit application

Employees of the IBA, officers of any IBA entity and relatives of the above are excluded from the competition.

Previous winners of any LPD/SPPI Conference Scholarships are also excluded from the competition. All other applicants from previous years may reapply.

Each participant may apply for one Scholarship in a calendar year.

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  1. This is a welcome development, I hope I will be among those chosen for this scholarship…..thank you.

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