The Witness to the EFCC today confessed that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) did not request for her phone for investigation to establish if she indeed called Mr Usoro at the time she claimed she called him.

The matter which was slated for 12noon did not start when the court started sitting because the witness who was seen around the court premises suddenly disappeared.The counsel Mr Suleman who appeared for EFCC appealed to the Court for a stand down to go in search of the witness.
About 30mins later,the counsel arrived with the Witness and the court was informed. Mr Rotimi the lead prosecuting counsel joined shortly after.
The EFCC witness during cross examination admitted that the EFCC did not investigate her phone or line to establish that she made a call to Mr Usoro about a three hundred million Naira deposit oan his account as she claimed that she or the bank never informed PU either by direct email or automatic email alert that money was lodged in his account Showing that the President of the NBA had no knowledge about the transfer of money into his account at the time the bank transferred the money.
The witness also admitted that she could not answer so many questions concerning the documents she tendered unless she sees them to refresh her memory.
When the defence counsel questioned the PW 1 on the phone she answered that she gave the phone to a colleague. On further prompting, She said said that she gave the phone to a colleague named Ugochi Otu. She also denied that she did not know the model of the IPhone she was using.
The witness said the bank bought it for her and that the one she uses presently was bought for her by her husband.
Upon asking the witness the number she used to call the defendant,she said it was a 9mobile with the following digits 08037525858.
In the course of the cross examination,the witness said that she and one Mr Akpabio were the relationship managers to the defendant’s account.The defence enquired to know why Mr Akpabio was not called by the bank to attend the trial.
He made a request for the letter from Zenith requesting that they be represented by Mr Akpabio.

The prosecution counsel brought out the said letter and opted to certify them himself to the utter amazement of lawyers present.
The matter has been adjourned to 23 of April and for further hearing

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