The Nigerian law school has replied a call for investigations on extortions of students on Lagos campus.

The letter was signed by the director general of law school Prof. Isa Hayatu Chiroma, SAN and directed to a certain Hameed Ajibola Jimmoh Esq. Who had written the article calling for investigation of the Nigerian law school Lagos campus. The letter explained that the six thousand naira charged during registration was for production and distribution of polo shirts and bed sheets to be compulsorily distributed to the students and that the distribution had taken place.

The detailed letter went on to state that the brownish smelly water on campus was caused by the presence of iron which is very high in Lekki axis but that the school authorities treat the water and it is perfectly safe for use. The former borehole had to be abandoned because it had been breached by salty water from the Atlantic Ocean.

The letter also considered important to state that the restriction on the movement of students during lectures is to reduce the incidences of theft and to be security conscious.

The prices of  books at the store are not fixed by the Lagos campus but by the authors and it is recommended to purchase from the bookshop in order to avoid purchase and use of pirated books which would be a violation of the extant Code Of Conduct for students.

The “crowded” bed spaces were explained to be due to the high number of students and insufficient bed spaces if the students were to be three in a room.

The Law School made an exception by replying to the call as it normally would ignore such ‘malicious publications.’

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