Martin Ogunleye,a former Chairman of Nigerian Bar Association,Lagos branch was today conferred with a Chieftaincy title by the Oba of Erunwon as the Agba Ofin of Erunwon.

The event was attended by the creme de la creme of Erunwon,Ijebu and the Legal Profession.

The title makes Mr Ogunleye a top legal personality in the Kingdom.

Agba means senior and Ofin means law.

Put together the most senior lawyer in the kingdom and could also mean the Senior Advocate or Attorney General of Erunwon kingdom.

It could also be the King’s legal adviser.

R-L MD Idris,Emeka Nwadioke,Adebola Lema,..,Stephen Obajaja,Anthony Eze
Mr Akerele
Emeka Nwadioke and Saka
Uche Nwadialor- Social secretary,Nigerian Bar Association,Lagos Branch

The Vice Chair,Nigerian Bar Association,Lagos Branch,Mrs Bola Animashaun

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