The march meeting of Nigerian Bar Association,Lagos meeting which is sponsored by Bode Olanipekun holds today. At the top of the agenda is the police brutality of another lawyer by a  member of Nigerian Police force.

The Chairman of the branch and members of the executive committee of the branch visited the victim in his residence last weekend and subsequently made some entries at the police station.

The Victim Mr Thompson Oladotun narrates

“On the 21st of February, between the time of 12pm and 1pm, I was on my way to Lekki phase one. I entered a commercial bus (danfo) which plies the lekki, Obalende route. I was feeling a bit queasy as a result of fever, so I decided to take a seat by the window side to enjoy the fresh air that would come in. I entered the bus and went for the last roll seat. I sat on the right corner ,awaited the bus to move.
About 15 minutes later, a young man in his late twenties or early 30s dressed in green mobile police uniform, who goes by the name MUHAMMAD MA approached me, and commanded me to move away from where I was seated for him to seat and I refused. I was surprised a police officer would conduct himself in such manner with his manner of approach. I politely told him he could sit next to me or seat of take a seat in the next roll, as there was still seat that will conveniently seat three other people. He responded by telling me, how dare me challenge him that, he wanted where I was seated and I refused to move even after explaining to him I wanted the fresh air, as I was not feeling fine. Before I could say anything further, he landed a heavy slap on my face. It was at this point an altercation started. He got down from the bus and I got down too, and I started asking him what gave him right to slap me over a seat.  The other passengers started reprimanding him, and told him to take another seat. I demanded an apology from him. A man dressed in a millitary camouflage appeared from no where, who I believe is one of his cronies; came and instead of reprimanding this officer for his conduct, joined him in raining verbal assaults on me. Instead of the police man to be reasonable, he went ahead to slap me continually. He slapped me over ten times until I fell on the floor. He kicked me  that I became so confused and frustrated. As he entered the bus, as the bus was already moving,I remembered I still had my laptop in the back seat. I managed to catch up with the bus to retrieve my laptop and bag. He told the bus not to stop but I managed to fetch my bag from the back seat, it was at this point that I was trying to seat that he pushed me off the bus, and I fell of the road again, this time the bus crushed my left lower leg and broke it. The police and the bus driver left me to my fate and took off.  I was taken home by sympathetic motorcyclists and agbero, who witnessed this police brutality. From information gathered I was told that this police man is staff of the Nigerian Police Force at Obalende Zone 2 headquarters in Lagos . I was thereafter taken to National Orthopaedic Hospital in igbobi for treatment. Please sir, kindly use your good office to help me demand justice. Police brutality cannot be allowed to fester in the society. An injury to one is an injury to all.
My name is Thompson Oladotun Esq., a lawyer and member of NBA, Lagos Branch”

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