The 2018 Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association(NBA) began on Sunday with a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting where among other things, the  President elect of the Nigerian Bar Association Mr Paul Usoro SAN received his Certificate of return.The President elect was on the spotlight.

Courtroom Mail has Published the following pictures as top pictures of Day 1


Paul Usoro SAN in a warm embrace with his campaign manager Mfon Usoro. This is the best Picture of Day 1 of the NBA Conference 2018


At the Time this picture was taken,the hall erupted into jubilation as Paul Usoro received his certificate of return from the Chairman of the Election Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association Prof Yadudu


The way the Chairman of Lagos branch of the NBA Mr Chuka Ikwuazom is staring at the President Elect,hmmnnn, are you thinking what I am thinking?

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Presidential Swag. lol. The General Secretary,Mr Olagunji receives a Presidential Handshake from Paul Usoro, i guess that is what you can see but I am seeing something else.The way Okey Ohagba (1st Assistant Secretary)is staring at Mr Usoro,he obviously did not vote for him.Lol


Now the focus here is not Mr Usoro. Can you see the man on traditional wear.We all love him. If you know his name and the NBA branch that has that salute,tell us on the comment section below


Olumide Akpata collecting his share of the Presidential handshake


This is the true meaning of diversity


Dr Koyinsola Ajayi shaking the President elect Mr Usoro. I have a dream that by this time in 2020 this picture will be Mr Usoro shaking the president. Aproko dream




Can someone guess what is happening here.I am suspecting something



If you look properly,you will notice something emotional about this picture.If can’t see it then you don’t know it


These people did the hardest job of the year for Lawyers-They are members of the Election Committee of the NBA- ECNBA


Paul Ananaba and Paul Usoro,..,Martin Ogunleye


Mrs Usoro sandwiched between Former President of the NBA Mr Austin Alegeh and President elect Mr Paul Usoro. “Let me come and be going”

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