A Danish man has been found guilty of raping his daughter on his own wedding night, after defending his actions by saying he thought she was his wife.

The incident took place at a country estate near Kolding, southern Denmark, in August last year, where the 50-year-old was holding his wedding reception. The daughter, 20, had passed out drunk in the bridal suite, after which the bride and groom went to sleep in the same bed.
The father and daughter had been out of contact for several years, but had reconnected around Christmas time the previous year, and he had invited her to his August wedding.
The court heard that the 20-year-old had become ‘very intoxicated’ during the celebrations, and family members decided she would not be able to get to the nearby bed and breakfast where she was staying.
At 2.30am she was helped to the bridal suite by her father and another guest and put to bed. Some 90 minutes later, the father went to sleep next to his daughter, with his new wife on the other side.
The man claims to not remember anything that may have taken place after this, and denies all allegations of rape and sexual misconduct.
Court documents state that at some point between 4am and 4.45am, the man grabbed his daughter.
The report continued: ‘When she asked him to stop and tried to sit up, he pushed her hard in the chest.
‘After this, while she was on her back, he forced sexual intercourse despite her begging him to stop several times.’
Prosecutors told the court in Kolding the 20-year-old had been unable to defend herself due to intoxication.
In a text exchange between father and daughter the following days, he apologised to her – saying he had mistaken her for his wife.
‘I think we should cease all contact,’ the daughter wrote.
‘What you have subjected me to is something I cannot accept. I asked you nicely to stop and you continued. I shouted, you continued, I hit you, you continued.’
‘I’m sorry,’ the man replied. ‘It was a mistake. I’m sorry. I thought it was [wife’s name]. Can’t we try to stay in touch? I’m sorry’.
The unnamed 50-year-old man has been found guilty of rape, and jailed for two years and six months.

Source: Daily Mail.