I have followed and participated with keen interest in the #EndSARS Peaceful Protests by Nigerians.
Nigeria is the only place where a Police Officer will tell a Suspect “I will kill you and nothing will happen” in the presence of his Lawyer. Nigeria is the only place where a Police Officer will murder an innocent Nigerian and tag him “Armed Robber” or “Cultist”, detain his corpse and brutalize any Lawyer who dares to seek justice. I have seen and heard it.

My heart bleeds to see innocent Nigerians murdered just because they want to register their grievances against bad governance, Police brutality, impunity, injustice, to mention a few.

Our Government and judicial system have failed us. Our roads are bad. No job for graduates. Nothing is working. If your father is not a Politician or a very wealthy person, if you are not connected to a highly placed personality, you have no place in Nigeria. Certificates and qualifications no longer count. This is not the dream of our founding fathers for Nigeria. We cannot continue like this! We are tired!

I call on all well-meaning Nigerians to join and continue the #EndSARS peaceful protests till our demands are met. However, let us do it peacefully. Shun violence.

Austin Nyekigbe, Esq.
Publicity Secretary, NBA, Udu Branch.

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