1. A resolution shall be a special resolution when it has been passed by a simple majority of votes cast by such members of the company as,being entitled to do so,vote in person or by proxy at a general meeting.
    True or False

2.In a Criminal trial,a dumb witness was called to give evidence and he opted to put his evidence in writing in open court. Such evidence will be admitted as

A . Oral Evidence
B. Documentary Evidence
C.Affidavit Evidence

3. An action where an interested person claims a declaration is commenced by

A. Originating summons
B. Originating Motion
C. Writ of summons

26 thoughts on “Abimbola Akeredolu SAN Prize: Final question

  1. Good morning all. We are happy to announce to you that winners have emerged in the 2019 Abimbola Akeredolu SAN Courtroom Mail Prize for Female lawyers.
    The answers to the above questions are as follows
    1. False – See 233 of the Companies and Allied Matters Act.
    2. A- Oral Evidence- See 176(1)(2) of the Evidence Act.
    3. C- Writ of summons. See the various High Court civil Procedure rules

    The winners are
    1st. Oluwanike Omotayo
    2nd. Rafiat Shittu
    3rd. Taiwo Aladejana

    They were the first three to answer the questions correctly.
    We will now close the comments.

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