A Nigerian mother, Mrs. Oluremi Adeleye, whose actions led to the death of an 8-month-old baby in Maryland, United States, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Adeleye, 73, broke down crying in court as she spoke through an interpreter, saying, “It was a mistake. I did not want to kill that child.”
Adeleye was found guilty in a bench trial in February of child abuse and second-degree murder.

The US Prosecutors said Adeleye forced milk down the throat of 8-month-old Enita Salubi in Glenarden in October 2016, suffocating the child.

The incident was captured on a nanny camera. The defense had argued that force-feeding was a common practice in Nigeria from where Adeleke came from.
The presiding judge Karen Mason said while she did not believe Adeleye was an “evil-intentioned baby slayer,” Adeleye knew or should have known her actions could result in the death of the child.

Prosecutors said Adeleye was a live-in nanny at a couple’s home in Prince George’s County when one 8-month-old Enita Salubi died on Oct. 26, 2016.

Adeleye was asleep on a couch inside the house when the baby, who was in a walker, began crying and woke the nanny, police said.
Police said a video surveillance camera shows the nanny tried to feed the baby, but without success.

Adeleye then pulled the baby from her walker, removed the nipple from her bottle and forcefully fed her, police said.

Adeleye poured “eight ounces of milk down the child’s throat in less than 30 seconds, essentially drowning her,” the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

The baby appeared to squirm and resist while being fed the first bottle, and then Adeleye forced the contents of a second bottle into her mouth, documents said. After the baby became unresponsive, Adeleye called the baby’s father, who dialed 911 as he raced home. Enita Salubi was rushed to a hospital, where she died.

Clifton Wanzer, a neighbor, said he saw the little girl’s father carry her to an ambulance. She was rushed to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Speaking on the incident, Susan Jeremy, a child expert based in Washington said Forced feeding is a widespread childcare practice in Yoruba culture.

Adeyeye is a Yoruba woman. The practice is learnt by females through socialization process, and practiced as an expected role of a responsible mother.

The desire to feed children forces women to engage in forced feeding practice. Just like the judge said Adeleye did not intend to kill the baby. She added that it was unfortunate the baby died from the incident.

According to her, I did not expect the sentencing. I thought the Embassy of Nigeria should have also added their voice and try to get a light sentencing for her.

Source: This Day.

44 thoughts on “US Court Sentences Nigerian to 15-Year Jail Term

  1. I think 15 years is too much for an offense that was not intended. The woman thought she was doing good for the baby. This could have been her grandchild and she would have done the same thing. I have seen this practice in Nigeria while growing up and the children did not die. My mom did it to me, I’m still alive. Though, given that I’m now in the medical field, I will never do it and would educate people to stop doing it. 15yrs is too much!!! It’s only because She’s not an American!

  2. This is very unfortunate and sad. The nanny should have been well informed of what to do here in the States, just like teaching her to call the father or 911. Considering the age of the nanny, that was all she knew to do from her culture; that is still done to date in the villages. I was fed like that, but did not do that to my children cause they were born in the States. Though it UNFORTUNATELY caused the death of the baby, and the Judge admitted the ignorance of this Nanny; 15yrs is very excessive for this case. I will not be surprised if the Nanny dies before her term.

  3. In my own opinion 15 years is excessive in the circumstances. Considering the age of the nanny and the reckless nature, according to the judge, of the offending, I would have thought that 5 years would be appropriate sentencing. I was force-fed too by my mum over 50 years ago and I saw her do it to my younger sister subsequently. It was widely practised while I grew up and I NEVER saw any child die or even get rushed to the hospital for it. Accidents do happen and people, even adults, have choked on their food before resulting in their deaths. This could very well have been the case here – accident. If she grew up doing this (I bet she had done it with her own biological children too to good effect) how could she have foreseen, never mind known, that it would result in the child’s death? From that perspective threfore the Judge’s rationale seems flawed. Caveat – I only wrote based on what I read up here. The full facts of the case might cast a different slant to the above comment.

  4. Nigerian embassy does not look after Nigerians abroad if they are not government sponsored! The woman could be released after a few years. However, knowing the Yorubas very well, she will need a lot of counseling even if she spends only a day in prison.

  5. Its a pity and quite unfortunate. Possibly, the nanny might not have been aware of the laws over there. 15 years is too harsh; the nanny might even die before her time.

  6. 15 years seems to be too much for you folks because the dead child is not yours. There is no amount of time she spends in jail that will amount to the lost child. Imagine the emotional toll the death of child is having on the parents. They will never come out of this anytime soon. Who knows the real intention of the nanny. She may be annoyed with the child disturbing her sleep. I have seen this with my former nanny. People are wicked. I bet you that this nanny did not do this in the interest of the child.

  7. Nigerian ambassador supposed to come into the case before d judgment it won’t up to that because the judge is going to listen to more intensive advocacy

  8. Yes, it’s a common practice to force feed a child in Nigeria. My mother did it to me and my siblings too. We don’t do it to our children here because they can aspirate in the process and the milk goes into the lungs. We know better. I told my mother right away not to do that to my baby when she was in the US. The case should have been a manslaughter case which is 5 years. There was no intention to kill the baby. However, with the loss of a child ,the emotional sadness is forever. About time they should start educating them in Nigeria about not doing this practice again. My condolences goes to the child’s parent.

  9. It is unfortunate that when you need your government to weigh in on a situation, she is no where to be found. I was born in Lagos and was fed like that several times, especially when I was sick and didn’t have an appetite. It was principally akamu/ogi. Given the lady’s age and the cultural explanation associated with the practice, I think the judge was being unnecessarily high handed.

  10. My condolences go to the child’s parents.
    15 years behind the bar seems too much for this offence, unintentionally committed by the old woman, which was confirmed by the Judge. This’s a common phenomenon back home (force-feeding).
    Nigeria Embassy in USA and Hon. Abike Dabiri, where were you before/during and after this judgement?

  11. According to the judge, the death was not intentional – an accident. But why the 15 years?. Although, we should not expect the same judgement as it would have been, had it happened in Nigeria. It happened in the US and the case have to be followed according to the law of the land. The practice of force- feeding was not a recognised practice in the US so could not have expected the judge to tamper justice with mercy on the basis that it was a common practice in Nigeria.
    And I don’t know how the Nigerian embassy could have influenced the judgment according to some people.
    But let’s hope the court reverse it’s judgment or at least reduce the sentence.

  12. It was truly an unfortunate incident. It is a cultural thing because as a child growing up in the Ekpeye land, in Ahoada, Rivers State of Nigeria, I saw the mothers doing that which I now know as forced feeding. The unfortunate thing though, is that the woman was not instructed properly by the parents of the baby. Why did she not call 911 right away and why was the father carrying the child to the hospital if I read the article well? Were there no EMS personnel at the home before getting to the hospital that would have facilitated the child’s recovery? The Maryland judiciary system should reconsider that sentencing because it was indeed a clash of culture that resulted tragically.

  13. Why force feed? The baby was not hungry. Maybe she was crying because of a wet diaper. The punishment is appropriate for the crime. A baby is dead for no good reason.

  14. It is very sad and unfortunate that a life was needlessly lost. It’s also sad that if there is no appeal, a 73yr old woman will spend her remaining days behind bars. However, we as Nigerians should Endeavour to live according to the laws of the lands we may find ourselves ( when in Rome, do as the Romans do). Going by the narrative, I think the case became a murder case the moment she removed the nipple from the bottle to force feed the child. The nipple is placed on feeding bottles for a reason. As sympathetic as the judge was, there was nothing she could have done.

  15. This woman needs a help from Nigeria community in Maryland. Waiting for Nigeria government is complete waste of time. She might be lucky to get her sentence reduced, surely there’s a price to pay in every crime committed. America here, safety of a child is very important. I feel sorry for the parents of the child. May her soul rest in peace.

  16. My mum force fed all the five children she had before she gave birth to me. She stopped that practice after an incident that almost turned tragic with me. According to her, I fainted on one occasion as she was going through her usual practice of ensuring that my stomach is full in the morning so that I will not disturb her trading profession with my cry of hunger. It took the timely intervention of our neighbours to revive me. From then on she stopped force feeding all her remaining three children after me. Her favourite comment after that episode is ‘don’t mind him, when he is hungry he will eat’
    In as much as ignorance is no excuse in court, the old nanny should have been properly instructed by the parents of the baby to the minutest detail. She should have been taught to call 911 as soon as she noticed the baby has fainted. The judge must have reacted to the grief of the child’s parents in passing the judgement. There’s plenty of grounds to appeal the judgement or demand for a lighter sentence by her lawyers from the same judge. This is not the end of the matter.

  17. One can take decision to force feed ones baby but NOT other people’s baby. The nanny should have realised she’s working and that is not allowed. “Riro omo” has technique and know how. The liquid is not just poured into babies. It’s not all parents who know how to do it. It’s done slowly and allowance is given for swallowing. Also you have to constantly observe the baby. The nanny was lazy and didn’t want to be disturbed.

  18. It is very sad because she has no mensrea to the offence.
    America kegal system is very corrupt simply because the prison system is privatised been a capitalist country the more people in prison the better and the Courts are long sentence friendly especially is your face is of a wrong skin colour

    There is no justice in this case we know there is a dead body it should be seen as involuntary manslaughter and should be a custodia sentence maxmimum should be 3years and be suspended for 3years.

    The reason we must not mess about with their legal system because some of the judges are beneficiaries of the prison system or they have their cuts from the proceed by a few of their friends who control the prison system.

    There is no fair playing field in the America legal system but suddenly if your face fits there is equity and fairness its alive and kicking.

    The question we should all ask ourselves how come there are more black people in prison when the black population is not as much as the other ethnic groups that are Americans or foreigners living there.

    Please my people America is not a promise land as some others see it becareful people a capitalist country cares about income and revenue not about black people you have been warned.

  19. Don’t blame the country of origin vis a vis the ambassador. The country of origin cannot be defending all citizens found guilty in the country they reside especially after due process and prosecution. The family that brought her to the US can appeal this ruling. A crime is committed, ignorance or culture, cannot excise criminal acts, same goes for genital mutilation. She will be out is less than 5 years with good behaviour or for economic cost. The jails are getting over crowded as we know. The parents of the dead child will never get their child back. The cultural values of this 75 years lady has caused caused untold hardship for both the lady. parents of the dead child and has taken a life.

  20. I was in the courtroom and saw the video surveillance; I watched this lady who’s age changes like her name due to the fact that she has been illegally here in the US for over 25 years. When the baby woke her from her lazy behavior, btw there were two other minor kids watching themselves as she slept, she tried to feed the baby while still in her walker, when the baby refused to feed, she dragged her from the walker with one hand, put her between her legs, took the top off the bottle, held her head back and poured the formula down her throat in 24 seconds, after she started shaking and fell to the floor this devil picked her up and opened a bottle of water and tried to pour that down her throat. This lady testified about all the children Nigerian and Americans that she has baby sat. Are you telling me she didn’t know to call 911?? She didn’t even call the father until she tried to clean up the baby, change her onsie, suck the fluid from her mouth and then after the baby was turning blue as her older siblings looked on, this devil called the father. People love to add salt and pepper when they don’t know what they’re speaking about. If you sat and watched this video over and over again while the parents died all over again many of you would not talk nonsense about the practice in your country. The cupping method is a small amount place in the hand allowing the baby to feed, no country in the freakin world would pour eight ounces of formula straight down the throat of a child. And the worse part of all of this is that she showed no remorse until the day of sentencing when all of a sudden she could speak English as she begged the judge to return her to her country.

  21. So sad ,this family lost their baby and my condolences. The woman told the Judge the truth about how it happened & even let him know that was a common practice in her culture
    The sentence was not justified, should be less.Her lawyer and Nigeria Embassy has to intervene immediately and help the innocent woman out. Three to five years maximum. Prayers up for this woman, hopefully people will learn from this case and have another thought about America .???

  22. This was caught on nanny cam!!!!. I bet if the nanny cam was not there she would have told a different story. I would bet my money on the fact that she would not remove the bottle nipple and pour down TWO bottles of milk in the parents presence which to me shows she knows it is inappropriate. Thank God for nanny cams. Too many people pretend to be good people when they are evil. I wish she could have gotten death or at least pouring two buckets of milk down her throat. SHE does not DESERVE 15YEARS, SHE DESERVES DEATH…evil woman!!!!!.

    I feel sorry for the poor parents who trusted this evil woman and that poor baby who would not fight this monster, squirming and resisting best she could. May God have mercy on this family. May Enita rest in peace.

  23. It is rather very unfortunate. The judgement is rather too harsh. Force feeding of infants is what cuts across all ethnic groups in Nigeria. I guess I passed through it because I saw my mother feeding my siblings forcefully with water and pap after which they got into a deep sleep. I guess this is what is behind this old woman’s mind. I know life is involved here, but considering the fact that the old woman harbored no bad intentions, revisiting the sentencing for a lighter punishment is hereby encouraged.

  24. Ed Okeke, you are the only one with selfish and unrealistic judgement on this forum. I am sure you are a Nigerian and I bet your mother fed you the same way when you are baby. If for one reason your bed has been well laid for you by the benevolent spirit, you should learn humility.
    Yes in Nigeria culture which you know very well, we force babies to take liquid food and not with the intention to kill the baby but to make sure that the baby is not starving because this baby was crying at this time.
    You Okeke is the only person on this forum that think it was intentional. I don’t subscribe to your ignorant suggestions mainly because you are a Nigerian and you have been fed this way at least twice while a baby. Unless you are born abroad, which means that you are completely ignorant of our culture. Feeding babies the way she did hardly resulted in death, instead the baby will be satisfied and sleep. This was an a mistake on the elderly woman’s part, and doesn’t deserve such lengthy prison term.
    If the woman happens to be your mother who might have fed you the same way in Nigeria, tell me, wouldn’t you be supportive of her?
    Condolence to the parent of the baby. It’s a very hard occurrence that anyone can bear. I believe that she has no intention to kill the baby through feeding. It would have taken a different form if it is intentional.

  25. This is really sad and a lesson to be learnt. The woman is probably too old to be a nanny to a new born. As a result of her age, she was probably too tired, maybe not lazy, just tired. So when the baby woke up crying, possibly from wet diapers or just needing some cuddling, she chose the easy way out of just feeding her. Why was the baby sleeping in the walker? So many questions. Hind sight is always 20 20. Please let us learn from this. Nanny cams are good but they do not bring back our dead precious babies back. We have to pray for these parents, running the rat race in America and believing that they could trust a woman from home to take care of their kids. They are hurting . Whether the woman gets 15 years or life, that darling child is gone. We all have to be careful with these old women coming from home to be nanny. Think of it. They are old and tired. Some are market women with no new child care skills. It is all about that almighty dollar. No heart, just dollar. God help us.
    One more thing, the forced feeding was usually done with custard like food, not liquid.
    I pray over all our babies in the hands of nannies. May God cover them all. There is too much wickedness in the world today.

  26. From all shades of view to this case, it’s so pathetic and very disheartening.
    Firstly, I extend my condolence to the parents of the deceased. May God give then the strength to bear the loss of their young child.

    Having established that, I want to say without missing words that, 15years of imprisonment is just too much for an offense which was pragmatically pronounced unintentional. This act by the US Counrt discloses an unequal judicial standpoint.

    I’m very sure if she was a citizen of this country (America), it would have been another story. How on earth would a judge be so scandalous and unhesrty in his jurisdiction whilst claiming his knowledge of the old woman’s intention been unwilling; to sentence such an old woman to a 15years imprisonment. I bet he wished her death on a long run.

    As explained by the Washington expert, that’s a common way of childfeeding in Nigeria and the woman proclaimed the same. If she had wanted the innocent child dead, maybe she might have done that earlier on. I beg to say that, the parents of the child should have worked the old woman (nanny) through the modern method used in breastfeeding here in US.

    Lastly, for this known fact, I beseech the Nigerian government to look into this and file an appeal on her behalf. If the country where she lives couldn’t temper justice, then her native country should be able to speak on her behalf.
    Even if she would be rebuked, it should be measured with sincerity and empathy.

  27. This is very sad indeed. This story is not unusual with lazy nannies. Young mothers especially African mothers are too busy in America chasing money. They have children, dump them in the hands of nannies while they go to work.
    If the mother was home taking care of her children the response to the little girls cry would have been different.
    This nanny had been baby sitting in America for twenty-five (25)yrs. Maybe she is a great grandma at 73yrs. Either way, she has no love for children. She did the job for the money she did not care for the kids she took care of. She was busy sleeping on duty. That child was tired of being in that walker, even if you are not a mother, as a woman you can sense the obvious.
    As an experienced sitter, an older woman, this woman is expected to have reacted differently. No this is nit a matter of force feeding. It was an act to keep that child quiet so she – the woman- can continue with her sleeping.
    I do not want to repeat the evidences against her. But it is obvious she had no good intentions ( maybe not to kill the child ) but definitely to keep her quiet and to stop disturbing her. When you take the job of a nanny, that is the oat you must take within you. You agree to be disturbed. Why was she sleeping while the kids were awake anyway. Anyone could have come in there without her knowledge.
    The Nigerian government has no role in this. Even in Nigeria certainly the judge would not let her off either. The judge who passed the verdict was sending a message to all nannies. You must treat every child you baby sit as if they are your own. At 73 this nanny should have retired because she has no patience with kids any more. May this innocent little girl’s soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  28. Very unfortunate, realistically, at that age 75. What is she still doing in the United States if she has responsible children of her own as a Nigerian. Despite the dwindling economic situation in different countries and in line with African culture, children are to take a good care of their elderly parents because the parents too have cared for them while young .
    So it’s an error to still find herself having spent 25 yrs in the USA as some commented above either on the Job without returning back to her root at that age. Yes, that form of feeding is commonplace in Africa without casualties, seems the nanny failed to be extra careful this time. See the end of it all now. This is a big Lesson for all Africans

  29. We all seem to be making comments on the case as presented here which I’m sure it’s not the full story.
    My prayers are with the departed soul of the poor baby and my condolences to her parents.
    Force feeding is truly a common practice in Nigeria but it hardly results to death. It’s a careful and gentle process that one shouldn’t be engaging in if you don’t know how it’s done.
    The American justice system may be discriminatory and corrupt, I however don’t see much of that in this case. The law is very clear on ‘gross negligence manslaughter’ which I’m sure is the case here.
    Force feeding is as bad as driving a motor vehicle in excessive speed. If you want to drive very fast because you are in a hurry to to reach your destination, you don’t deactivate the brake system of the vehicle; doing that will be reckless. In the western world, bottle nipples are deliberately there to prevent a child from unforeseen incidences like this; removing it is like removing your vehicle’s brake system. The law is not only about intent, ‘ought to know’ implies intent as well.
    The judge would have judged this harshly because he/she was convinced that the nanny ought to have known that her action was dangerous and reckless.
    I can’t believe that anyone who has lived in the US for 25 days let alone 25 years would not know how to dial 911; there are lots of hidden facts in the story we are all commenting on.
    I have to say any foreign mission cannot interfere in a local criminal and justice system albeit in a case of miscarriage of justice against her citizen.
    Custodial sentence is first-hand a corrective measure rather than punitive or deterrent. 15 years serves no purpose for a 73 year-old, if she’s truly that age.

  30. The old woman might not be strong in respect or irrespective of the age but her physical challenges might come to play. Moreso, she must have nurtured her children, grandchildren and other related children.
    Definitely, her weakness by her possible challenges combined might trigger the situation inadvertently led to tragedy loss of the precious life of the eight months old baby of a family.
    May the Almighty God console the parents with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

  31. I can’t believe someone on this forum actually wished this elderly woman DEATH sentence for her mistake. She could be any body’s mother. Judging from the description of the incident, it was obvious her actions was not intentional one, why would someone made such harsh comments about giving her a DEATH sentence or forcing two buckets of water down her throat, I think such comment was rather too harsh. What comes out from our mouths signify whom we are. It is a heart broken that a life of an innocent child was lost due to ignorant which is not an excuse. I sympathized with the parents and I asked God to give them the heart and strength to bear the lost. It’s very difficult I hope and pray that the Almighty God I serve will see them through.

    Please, the judge should lessen the sentence not because she’s older or that such style of feeding is been practiced where she came from but, because her action was not intentional act, she didn’t intend to kill.

  32. To Every one who has a negative comment and did not find out the real story , 15yrs according to you is too much, right? for every word you type out represents your family, my prayers to the family. As the family are going through this pain of losing their child , so the nanny family going through pain for the prize to pay. But for those writing negative comment, my prayer for you is that you will never hear the cry of a baby in your life. i sealed this statement with my blood and the entire innocent blood you have offended. You will from this day burial all your children one by one…. Amen……

  33. This is mercy after death. How many Nigerians heard her story while the hearing was ongoing? What did they do? Did anyone even thought about supporting her financially with a better lawyer? (not a public defender) Did anyone testified on her behalf?
    While the sentencing was excessive, I believe she got the minimum for what she was found guilty of. We all need to rally around each other for support at all time.

  34. Bambulu. To everyone and especially Keith, you need to read Lady V.’s comments who was in the court room and watched the video. I bet you will change your thoughts about the case. If there were no recording cameras in that house, I believe the baby sitter will tell a very different story. Lost a child due to laziness, no amount of time in jail will be sufficient. I encourage everyone one to read Lady V’s comments, for a detail account of the actual story before passing judgement. My question now is, “Is that how the baby sitter treated the other children she claimed to have cared for”? Am sure that the parents of those children will go back and watch their tapes now if they had any. Again, based on the account of Lady V, 15 years sentence is not too much for lost life due to laziness.

  35. It is a tragic incident and my heart goes out to to the family, who have lost their beloved child.

    While the prison term is a bit on the excessive side, I find it bizarre that people who do not the context of what happened (what may have been the real intent of the nanny) are expressing such strong opinions against the judgment and giving the impression that the nanny should be let off the hook.

    The argument that “it is our culture… I was fed that way and I am still alive” is preposterous and insensitive. Did you read the article? Didn’t you see that there is video evidence that the judge took into consideration? Did you and I see it. If it is “our culture” and you survived it, were you ever fed 8 ounces of milk in 30 seconds?

    Force-feeding has limits, a limits our ancestors understood. That is why we survived. Otherwise, how many babies died as a result of Force-feeding in your town or village? I have never heard of this. If it happened, it would be considered a sacrilege.

    Please, stop giving our culture a bad image by attempting to defend the indefensible. Nonsense and ingredients.

  36. I suggest folks should go back and read Lady V’s submission. Lady V was in the court room and watched the Nannycam. Going through the opinions of writers here, one can only conclude that the problems with a lot of Nigerian is that we mix emotions with reality fairness and justice. That is why no corrupt Nigerian has ever been held to account because Nigerians look at wrongdoings from the prism of emotion; God this and God that, and naturally defaults to their primordial cleavages to justify evil. Regardless of the fact that a child is dead here due to the reckless and inhuman conduct of someone hired to care for the baby, folks here are busy considering the age of the perpetrator, Nigerian Embassy, Abike Dabiri and diversionary analysis of forced feeding in Yoruba culture and Nigeria. None of the contributors here except for few have seen this Nannycam or cared to analyze the reckless conduct of this perpetrator or what the law stipulates for this conduct. We are here busy justifying forced feeding as a cultural imperative for the perpetrator. For everyone here that believes that forced feeding was actually the reason why this child died, let the type of forced feeding that killed this innocent child meet your own child, your grandchild or great grand child at the hour of her/his need. And may you justify his/her death to forced feeding and plead for freedom for the perpetrator. Amen.

  37. This is unfortunate. There is a cultural issue here which the American court system didn’t get or refuse to get.

  38. My heart goes out to the old lady and the family of the child, folks you people are putting too much emphasis on the government of your so called Nigeria, first, Nigeria is a failed state and as such has no good governance. What you have are bunch of loothers, gangsters and conspirators enriching themselves and their cronies. Nigeria does not care about it’s citizens at home let alone in the diaspora. I would like to be proven wrong.

  39. It’s quite unfortunate that the woman has to go through this. I was a very stubborn type to the extent that I didn’t want to eat not to talk of taking prescribed drugs from doctors. My mum, May her soul rest in peace… Ameen, will locked me down and fed me with this same method the old woman adopted and up till now , I am a grown-up person today nothing bad has happened to me or my elderly ones being fed with the same method. I think the preceding judge should have since he believed that the incident was not intentional and temper justice with mercy on the matter. Also, it’s a learning point for our Nigerian brothers and sisters that always invite their old parents to visit them and subject them to one menial jobs/tasks or the other that it doesn’t what it for them to be here when we fully know we can’t take care of them while they are here. It’s better to leave them at home. It’s my prayers that Almighty God will bestow His Infinite Mercy on the woman and pave a way out for her out of the trauma… Ameen.

  40. It’s quite unfortunate that the woman has to go through this. I was a very stubborn type to the extent that I didn’t want to eat not to talk of taking prescribed drugs from doctors. My mum, May her soul rest in peace… Ameen, will locked me down and fed me with this same method the old woman adopted and up till now , I am a grown-up person today nothing bad has happened to me or my elderly ones being fed with the same method. I think the presiding judge should have since he believed that the incident was not intentional and temper justice with mercy on the matter. Also, it’s a learning point for our Nigerian brothers and sisters that always invite their old parents to visit them and subject them to one menial jobs/tasks or the other that it doesn’t worth it for them to be here when we fully know we can’t take care of them while they are here. It’s better to leave them at home. It’s my prayers that Almighty God will bestow His Infinite Mercy on the woman and pave a way out for her out of the trauma… Ameen.

  41. Even in Nigeria many children have died as a result of this force feeding, its barbaric and violent and I don’t know why they still engage in it. Lady V has rightly said that she watched the tape of how the whole thing went down , I initially felt sorry for the woman but not any more, my sympathy lies with only the parents, may the child’s soul Rest In Peace

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