A Taiwanese tourist has been fined for wearing a bikini that was described as being just a piece of string.

Lin Tzu Ting, 26, was on holiday with her boyfriend in the popular tourist island of Boracay in the Philippines.

She had visited Puka Beach in the area twice wearing a thong bikini.
Stunned onlookers had posted pictures of her outfit choice on social media which then caught the attention of the authorities.

Ting was later tracked down to her hotel and was arrested.

It is not clear what the exact charge was but the current laws on indecency could have been the basis of her arrest.
Jess Baylon, the Police Chief of Malay, which includes the Boracay, said:’ ‘Several residents and tourists took photos of her on Wednesday and Thursday because of what she was wearing.

‘It was literally a string.

‘In our conservative culture, it is unacceptable,’ she said speaking to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
The tourist claimed she did not know that wearing the bikini would be prohibited on the island and that it was her personal form of expression.

She was fined 2,500 Philippine Peso (£38.30) which she was told she had to pay before she could leave the island as planned on October 11.

The authorities were quick to urge tourists to observe ‘proper decorum’ as a form of respect for Philippine culture following the incident.

Source: Daily Mail

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