The first ever global lawyers’ specific online platform that will connect legal practitioners and law students globally to the latest life-changing opportunities such as Scholarships, Jobs, Internships, Fellowships, Contests, and Applications for Funding among others around the world has been virtually launched today, 2nd May, 2020.

From surveys carried out among lawyers by PEMORAD Digital Technologies Ltd in 2019 in selected countries of about 5 continents, it was discovered that many lawyers across the globe look for life-changing opportunities like Scholarships, Jobs, Internship, Fellowship, funding applications, open calls for law related awards and conferences among others but do not know the right place to find them. One of the contributors to the online survey was of the opinion that such opportunities were “being hoarded by the privileged few.”

In response to the absence of a verified platform where lawyers can access updated opportunities, the Global Team Head of the Project and 2018 International Bar Association (IBA) Human Rights Lawyer of the Year, Mr. Adeola Austin Oyinlade said “Opportunities for Lawyers’ is established with the purpose of expanding the frontiers of law practice and increasing the sustainability of lawyers across the world through life changing opportunities.”

“We have today accomplished this by providing lawyers online resources to increase their awareness and access to opportunities, resources, and skills. We have now used the ‘Opportunities for Lawyers’ app for Android and iOS users and the web platform to spread opportunities and knowledge from our experienced experts to legal practitioners whether in private or public practice around the world and increase their capacity as we hope to play our part in creating a better world where lawyers thrive”, Oyinlade added.

Since most opportunities are not universal in their requirement, but each target locations, origin, and age groups in some cases, the Opportunities for Lawyers global team has regional committees that generate and edit contents for the benefits of lawyers in each continent. According to the Chief Editor of the American Team, Reginald Sagay Esq., “the African Team posts contents that target African based lawyers while our team members from Europe work on opportunities that target lawyers from, or based in European countries. The same applies to the American and Asian continents. As I speak now, lawyers and law students in any jurisdiction of the world can download ‘Opportunities for Lawyers’ app on Google Play ( and Apple stores ( ). It is free as we don’t charge for its use. For this, we thank the Co-vice chair of the International Bar Association’s Africa Regional Forum, Dr. Babatunde Ajibade, SAN for his immense support, which has made it possible for lawyers across the world to have free access to this product” Sagay added.

Non-smart phone users can visit from their browsers on laptops, ipad, computer desktop and any other system with internet connection and access the site as we update the content from time to time for latest opportunities.

Opportunities for Lawyers have social media platforms for sporadic shooting of latest opportunities and engagement such as

Twitter ( ,

Facebook ( ,

Linkedin ( and

Youtube ( ) for more engagement.

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