The Abimbola Akeredolu SAN Courtroom Mail quiz prize will continue tomorrow Saturday 16th of February at 8am.
The organisers of the competition have released the following rules to guide participants.

  1. The first 100 participants to answer correctly will qualify for the next stage.
  2. Only those who answered the registration question are eligible to compete
  3. No participant can answer two times. If anyone answers more than once,the person will be disqualified.(You cannot change your answers once you post)

However,we understand that the internet can post your answer twice when you tap the enter key.If you mistakenly post the SAME answers twice,you will not be disqualified but only one will count.

4. There will be 3 questions in the second stage on the 16th of February. Participants are expected to answer the three correctly to qualify subject to being in the first 100 correct answers.

5. Participants must answer the 3 questions at the same time in one comment.You cannot post them differently. If you answer less than 3 answers,you cannot complete it in another answer.
6. We advice you remember your password.If you have forgotten,you can change it now before 8am so that you don’t struggle with your password while others are posting.
7. To answer the question,login,go to menu,go to Quiz Hall and click on Abimbola Akeredolu SAN prize-Question 2

We wish you luck

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