Greetings everyone.

With the kind of requests members of NBA are making from aspirants to the leadership of NBA both at Branches and at the national level, I feel the need at this point say a bit about my thoughts about leadership in NBA.

It is unfair to make a financial or any demand from an aspirant to any elective position within NBA

These aspirants will not get a salary when they take office

They wont be able to take briefs as they would have and will spend their time and personal resources for the next two years of service to the NBA

We should be considerate and seek to support these candidates rather than make demands of them.

If any one contesting feels the need to spend or go out of his/her way for his colleagues let it be his/her decision and not a demand from anyone.

I urge all members to be their brother’s keeper.

We find ourselves in a peculiar position with COVID 19 and it calls for great reflection.

When some of us decided to spend on ourselves, to buy that car, build that house, send our children to that expensive school etc little did we know that we will be the ones begging for food today…. Who are we now begging from? If everyone decides to be selfish, who will bail you out of your troubles?

Each Branch has monies paid in by members. What should that money be used for at a time like this? What is the essence of an association that only collects but when the member is stranded cannot give a helping hand.

In my Branch, we have less than 700k in our account but I will empty it to support all my members because that money came from them.

Every member or aspirant who feels the need to support his fellow colleague can do so but they will not be coerced to do so

I am a lawyer and I am proud to be one!

Bayo Akinlade Esq

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