I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Ajibade, SAN, when he was the president of the CMSA and observed, first hand, his work ethics and professional values. He earned my respect for his professionalism, astuteness, humility and, most of all, his integrity.

I have always believed that the Nigerian Bar can return to its former glory of being a revered professional body if those at the helm of its affairs have not been compromised, and are those who can speak the truth to government and other stakeholders without compromise.
Having considered all the candidates that have offered themselves to serve as President of the NBA, I have absolutely no doubt that Dr. Ajibade, SAN is the right person for the position.

I endorse him without reservation as president of NBA.

Oluchukwu Aniaka
Head of Corporate and Anti-Illicit Trade (FMCG)

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