Sick pedophiles who rape kids will now face the death penalty after a new bill was passed in an Indian state.

The bill titled “the punishment method” unanimously passed in the Madhya Pradesh assembly .

It states that beasts who rape children younger than 12 should be “hanged till death.”

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said: “People who rape 12-year-old girls are not human, they are demons. They do not have the right to live.”

He added: “There are people in society who can be set right only by severe punishments. (The bill) will deal with them. We will also raise awareness in society against such crimes.”

The bill also raises the minimum sentence for pedophile rapists to 14 years and for gang rapists to 20 years. It must now be approved by the president and federal government before it can be signed into law.

Campaigners warned that the death penalty may induce child rapists to also murder their victims to eliminate evidence — as they can be found guilty based on a child’s testimony.

Maydha Pradesh, in central India, has only the fifth-largest population of the Indian states but the highest number of rape reports.

Other crimes punishable by death in India include murder, abetting the suicide of a minor, drug trafficking and, in Gujarat only, manufacture and sale of poisoned alcohol which results in death.


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