A Nebraska woman has avoided jail after marrying her own father following a sick competition with her half-sister over who could have sex with him first.

Samantha Kershner, 21, was sentenced to nine months of probation after she pleaded no contest to misdemeanor false reporting. She had originally been charged with incest.

Kershner, from Grand Island, met her biological dad Travis Fieldgrove, 40, when she was 17 years old.

They were both arrested on incest charges in February in Hastings, Nebraska, after police received a tip about their sexual relationship.

Fieldgrove was sentenced to two years in prison in May, a month after pleading no contest to a charge of attempted incest in Hall County.

Police said the father and daughter both admitted to having a romantic and sexual relationship, even though they knew they were biologically related, and Kershner said she competed for her dad’s affection with her half-sister.
They got married in October 2018 – just one month after finding out police were investigating them.
They met for the first time three years ago when Kershner, then aged 17, told her mother she wanted to know who her father was.

Kershner and Fieldgrove met and maintained a father-daughter relationship for three years.

They told police they had sex for the first time in September last year. The pair would not reveal how their father-daughter relationship turned sexual.

According to charging documents, Kershner told police that she had a ‘jealous competition’ with her half-sister about who could have sex with their father first.

Kershner’s mother notified police about their relationship in September.

A paternity test that Fieldgrove and Kershner agreed to have in January found that there was a 99.999 percent probability that he was her father.
The father and daughter are still facing more incest charges for getting married in Adams County.

Kershner is also facing a charge of making false statements under oath, according to reports. Her trial over that charge is set for August 19.

She allegedly did not name Fieldgrove on her birth certificate when they wed, NTV reports.

At Fieldgrove’s sentencing hearing his defense attorney, Jeff Loeffler, told the court his client is ‘very embarrassed’ by what happened and wishes it never happened.

He also said Fieldgrove suffers from a brain injury and is not ‘high-functioning guy,’.
Judge Mark Young sentenced the father to prison, calling him ‘a person who’s never contributed to society.’

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