The Legal Defence and Assistance Project (LEDAP), a leading non-governmental organization, has agreed to work with Mr Ilofulunwa to train law enforcement agencies on the tenets of human rights with particular emphasis on the implication of the far-reaching innovations introduced by Administration of Criminal Justice Law.

The National Coordinator of the LEDAP, Obiagwu SAN said that during a visit by Mr Okey Ilofulunwa to their office.

Mr Okey Ilofulunwa also intends to create a special forum for all heads of legal departments of law enforcement agencies in Lagos. This will enable the NBA, Lagos Branch have a regular interface with these key stakeholders in discharging their mandate. It will also help to bridge the gap between lawyers and law enforcement agents in justice delivery to clients.

Mr Okey Ilofulunwa is a foremost contestant for the office of the Vice Chairman of the Lagos Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association. The Vice Chairman of NBA Lagos by the Bye-Laws heads the Human Rights Committee.

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