The Chairperson of Federation of International women Lawyers (FIDA) Yobe State Chapter, Haija Altine Ibrahim has joined the list of eminent legal practitioners to endorse Dr. Babatunde Ajibade as the Next president of the Nigerian Bar Association as she believes that he has the intellectual finesse, integrity and capacity to provide quality leadership for the association.

Altine Ibrahim, a former acting chairperson of NBA Damaturu branch hinged her decision to support Dr Ajibade above other candidates on her interaction with him which has shown that he has well-structured programmes to help reform and reposition the legal profession in Nigeria.

“Dr Ajibade is my preferred Choice, since the first day I met him, my knowledge has been improving because each and every word of his mouth are words of wisdom and knowledge.
He is extremely brilliant, accommodating, wise, sincere, honest and a man of his words.
He has concerns for both young and elderly Lawyers including Law officers.
He loves and respects all categories of Lawyers.
He has the zeal and plans to unite the BAR. He has the welfare of Lawyers at heart .
I believe he is the right Leader to restructure the NBA.”

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