A Long Island mother-of-two is accused of trying to kill her estranged husband by pouring antifreeze into his drinks at least twice in front of their young children. 

Renee Burke, 40, pleaded not guilty to attempted murder of her husband Matthew Burke Thursday amid their nasty divorce.

Matthew has custody of their four-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter.

Prosecutors say Burke was caught on surveillance camera breaking into her husband’s apartment at least three times in September and putting anti-freeze in his wine bottle and soda. 

On one occasion, video showed their daughter holding a baby bottle containing the antifreeze.

Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini said the four-year-old told a babysitter, ‘Mommy put something in Daddy’s drink.’ 

‘The evidence in this case includes video surveillance that shows the defendant taking a wine bottle out of the fridge and taking baby bottles filled with antifreeze and pouring the liquid into the wine bottle,’ Sini said.

On two of the occasions, Matthew did drink from the bottle but noticed the odd taste, spit it out and called police. 

‘This is an extremely troubling case, Sini said Thursday. ‘The defendant, Renee Burke, in a cold-hearted fashion attempted to murder her husband.’

Prosecutors say that when Burke was arrested she claimed to have poured fruit juice into the wine bottles, despite investigators finding searches for ‘antifreeze with alcohol’, ‘what liquids for cars can kill a human,’ and ‘can antifreeze kill human,’ on her phone.  

Source: Daily Mail