Since the outbreak and spread of Covid-19 which originated from Wuhan, China, many nations have continued to count their deaths in thousands.

From Italy to Spain, France, UK, US and many other advanced countries, the pandemic has shown no sign of stopping on its path to dissipate the world’s population.

As at Tuesday April 15, 2020, the total number of global infection has surpassed two million. More than 112,235 have died from the infection while over 400,000
have recovered after receiving treatment.

With no generally approved cure or vaccine, the World Health Organisation (WHO), recommends social distancing and temporary lockdown as a method to stop further spread of the pandemic.

In line with the WHO recommendation, Nigeria’s worst hit states, Lagos, Ogun and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja have since adopted the social distancing approach to curb further spread of the infection.

To further strengthen the efforts, President Muhammadu Buhari last month announced a two weeks shut down of the Lagos, Ogun and Abuja.

Despite the adoption of these measures in Nigeria, figures released by the NCDC shows that our country’s  infection numbers have been on the rise since  March when the first imported case was detected. From just 10 infected persons in late March, the number has steadily risen to over 373 as at today.

Although the death rate has been relatively low, there are clear indications that both infection and death rate may soon spin-off if we do not continue to stay at home as directed and practice social distancing.

The president, on Monday, announced another two weeks lockdown. Hard as it is to bear, especially when many families are yet to get the government’s illusive palliatives, I must encourage us to see the extended lockdown as personal sacrifice that we must all make.

We cannot afford  to see the terrible situations happening in other countries, to happen here in Nigeria. This disease is real. People are dying in thousands. We know how terrible our health system is. We just simply cannot afford an explosion of Covid-19 here in Nigeria.

Let us, please, endure this two more weeks with hope and prayer that this disease will be contained as the race for a vaccine continues in many nations.

Let us also use this time to reach out to family members, colleagues and neighbours with acts of kindness. Together, we can defeat this disease and return back to our normal lives.

Remain blessed and safe.

Uchenna Nwadialo
Past Social-Secretary
Past Assistant-Secretary
NBA [Lagos Branch]

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