We Celebrate Gani Today!

Today, we celebrate an icon – a man who was not afraid to follow his convictions. A man who was not afraid to stand up even if he stood alone. And as we eulogise him yet again, we are reminded of his charge to be courageous and steadfast – in fighting for truth, justice and equity, and in defending the downtrodden.

I salute the organisers of the Gani Fawehinmi Annual Lecture, as well as the Executive Committee and Members of the NBA Ikeja Branch for their commitment to remember a great man and annually celebrate the ideals that he represented.

As we celebrate the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi SAN (the Senior Advocate of the Masses), let us remember to imbibe and demostrate the virtues he embodied.

Alex Muoka
Former Chairman, NBA Lagos Branch.

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